Friday, May 10, 2019


Long ago, we looked upon a foreboding sky. At least that was how it felt for fans of the long-running videogame RPG series “Final Fantasy” from Square Enix in June 2015. That was when the first teaser of the Remake for the 1997 PlayStation 1 entry “Final Fantasy VII.” The visuals promised an incredible experience both new and nostalgic for the PlayStation 4. Interest was maintained when an in-game visual trailer followed in December of that year. And then all went quiet from Square Enix about the game, for nearly four years. Fortunately, the game remake is not dead yet.
This was proven, as The Verge reports, when Square Enix presented a brand new trailer for “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” uploaded on Thursday, May 9. Fans of this game and the whole franchise could finally breathe a sigh of relief that development for this title had continued after all. Many of them could not quite take the director Tetsuya Nomura when he said during E3 2018 that the S-E team had continued working on the game after finishing with “Kingdom Hearts III.” Where the earlier trailers focused on story scenes or in-game movement, this one finally shows the remade gameplay.
With the opening tagline of “The return draws closer,” any gamer will be in the mood to appreciate the footage showcased on the trailer. After a short scene with popular “FFVII” character Aerith, the focus switches to main character Cloud Strife in combat against security personnel and robots of Shinra. Unlike the “active-time turn-based” mechanic of the classic game, the remake employs the action-oriented control scheme of more recent “Final Fantasy” titles with only one controllable character fighting alongside computer-controlled allies against foes in real-time. It also appears possible to switch between characters to control.
Battle sequences are fast and frenetic. Enemies, likely the bosses, are able to launch attacks that have impressive effects on the environment. At least that is how it looked when the first “FFVII” boss shot its tail laser at Cloud and teammate Barret, blowing up the scenery behind them. Some story scenes are also featured in-game, such as the famous meeting between Cloud and Aerith with the latter giving him a flower and a dramatic confrontation between Cloud and the main antagonist, Sephiroth.  Square Enix promised more previews will be shown next month in June. There is no release date yet for “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” coming on PlayStation 4.
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