Friday, April 12, 2019

VIVO V15 PRO with POPUP CAMERA Selling Now in RP

With the integration of cameras to smartphones all those years ago, the age of the selfie was born. The ability to take pictures of oneself anytime and anywhere was just too good to pass up. It even influenced smartphone design with the introduction of front-facing cameras (to circumvent the awkwardness of posing for the initial rear-end cams). Some phone manufacturers have even dabbled on new stuff that their built-in cameras can do. Chinese smartphone-maker Vivo is now showcasing their new take on selfies with their latest V15 Pro. Launched in the Philippines last March 30, it is now on sale.
ABS-CBN News reports that the Vivo V15 Pro smartphone became available in the country on April 12, and phone-users (particularly selfie-bugs) are looking forward to trying out its standout camera feature. This was Vivo’s solution to the current smartphone dilemma of locating front-facing cameras when an edge-to-edge display is in the way. In the past manufacturers had to resort to either top notches or even pinhole cutouts to accommodate the front lenses, something that screen junkies find aesthetically lacking. To this Vivo employed a blatantly hi-tech looking solution. The selfie camera is on a frame tucked into the top edge of the V15 Pro. When needed, it slides up from the edge, and into position.
Vivo Philippines brand director Zeng Kai notes that the company is looking to the Filipinos, with their love of selfies, to try out the V15 Pro with its presumably effective camera placement. “We are confident that the V15 Pro can cater to different preferences of the market,” he says, “especially since we considered the fact that Filipinos love to take selfies and are attracted to mobile games and videos.” The pop-up seflie camera lens is at 32-megapixel resolution, and its mechanism thus leaves the edge-to-edge display a perfect round-corner rectangle, with a 91.64% screen-to-body ratio.
While the pop-up selfie cam is awesome enough, Vivo has not neglected the rear camera either. It boasts a main sensor good for 48-megapixels, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens and a depth sensor capable of 5-megapixels. All are managed by a phone AI, and its ability to combine 4 pixels into one makes it a handy camera even in dark environments with low ambient light. Camera-fiend Filipinos with lots of money to spare can have the Vivo V15 Pro for P23,999. About the only major brand whose latest release has a gimmick-equipped camera is the Samsung A80, with a top-located camera that rotates on its fixture to face front or back.
Image courtesy of NDTV Gadgets


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