Friday, April 12, 2019

USA Network’s “PEARSON”: Latest Trailer Sees GINA TORRES Try to Stay Clean in Dirty Chicago

Since its premiere on the USA Network back in 2011, the legal drama “Suits” has been well-received and nominated several times for awards. The driving story of a lawyer and his associate (who is a hyper-competent college dropout that never even attended law school) made for great courtroom dynamics as their story spanned eight seasons (with a concluding ninth season on the way). The international popularity of “Suits” even led to its having licensed adaptations in both Japan and South Korea. While the show prepares to conclude its narrative, a spinoff featuring one of the main characters is due to premiere this year, with a teaser ramping up the anticipation.
A new teaser for “Pearson,” the new spinoff series from “Suits,” has been released by the USA Network, as tells it. The promo drops a few more hints on the current circumstances of play-safe but tough and pragmatic lawyer Jessica Pearson, played on the long-running series by actress Gina Torres from season 1 up to 7. Initially a co-founder of the legal firm that the main characters of “Suits” worked for (and later become partners of), come season 7 Pearson has started establishing herself in Chicago (after officially leaving the firm in season 6).
“Pearson” was first announced by the USA Network in January of this year, before even the final-season announcement of “Suits.” But the plan was already in place since the production of season 7 to spin off Torres’ Jessica Pearson to a story of her own. This was realized in the “Suits” finale for season 7, “Goodbye” where Pearson was seen in Chicago. With the help of Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) she finds herself working as a legal counsel for the Mayor. An earlier trailer sees the Mayor introducing Pearson as part of his office, setting up her struggle to rise in the major city’s ranks.
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In the newest teaser, it illustrates just how much work has been cut out for Gina Torres’ character. The tagline for her series is shown: “It’s hard to stay clean in a dirty town.” Chicago political shenanigans threaten to ensnare Pearson’s every waking hour. While she has long resorted to unethical means to win her cases she has always presented herself as no risk-taker. But to survive, she might need to take control over the Mayor of Chicago himself, and steer a path through trouble.
“Pearson” also stars Bethany Joy Lenz, Morgan Spector, Eli Goree, Isabel Arraiza and Chantel Riley. The series premieres sometime this summer on the USA Network.
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