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She has been adapted into film and television numerous times already. Other comic-book writers and artists outside her original creator have revived her title on various publishing labels. Her story – origin, archenemies – have been retold and altered so many times that it is easy to lose count. But when it comes down to it, Filipinos will never have enough “Darna” and will continue to consume her media as long as it is offered. The latest big-screen take on the Philippines’ premiere super-heroine was supposed to be underway with Star Cinema and starring Liza Soberano. But unfortunate circumstances have struck.
CNN Philippines reports that Liza Soberano has withdrawn from the production of a new “Darna” movie from ABS-CBN and Star Cinema. The actress made her intent known Thursday, April 4, with the network explaining that a physical injury she had sustained from last year was still not mended enough to safely allow Soberano to assume the role. “Unfortunately, after consultation with her doctors, it was deemed best for Liza not to pursue the project as the injury shall hamper her from effectively doing the movie stunts required,” the official statement said.
According to ABS-CBN, the injury was received by Liza while shooting for the fantasy epic tele-serye “Bagani” in 2018. Treatment for both her fracture, and some lingering trauma from the incident, has yet to be completed when it was already expected that the actress will start filming for “Darna” this month or so. Both the network and Star Cinema have expressed their understanding for Soberano’s circumstances, accepting her decision to withdraw playing the super role, and wishing her a continuing recovery for her past injury. The actress herself has been terse on personally commenting on her dropping the “Darna” project, instead reposting the ABS-CBN statement on her official Instagram page.
Despite this major setback on the loss of the lead star, both the network and the film studio are adamant that there will be a “Darna” movie coming in the future. They have not named a shortlist of replacements for Liza Soberano, so fans on social media have pushed for their personal choices. Kathryn Bernardo, Sarah Geronimo and Maymay Entrata have been proposed. So too Nadine Lustre, recently mentioned as partly an inspiration for the new Filipina Marvel Comics character Pearl Pangan/Wave. Despite her posting that her super-heroine days are behind her, some fans still clamor for veteran Darna, Angel Locsin, to reprise the role.
To add to the obstacles for this anticipated movie, slated director Jerrold Tarog has mentioned the possibility of leaving the project as well, though he has encouraged netizens to stay tuned for more production developments.
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