Friday, March 29, 2019

TNT BOYS Discuss School Life amidst Busy Schedule, VOCAL PUBERTY

Years ago, when Canadian wonder-teen Justin Bieber first broke into the music scene, fans were very taken by his singing voice: a curious blend of a child but with intense vocalizing power. Filipino music fans can understand that feeling with a more recent singing act, the TNT Boys. With their impressive lungs, the trio of kid’s reality singing competition veterans took the world by storm through later show appearances such as this year’s “The World’s Best” on CBS. But all child singers must pass a milestone in their lives. The Justin Bieber of today no longer sounds like the one who belted out “Baby” in 2010. The same is also coming to pass for the TNT Boys as of now.
CNN Philippines’ The Source” had a chance to interview Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto and Francis Concepcion of the TNT Boys this Friday, March 29. Among the topics discussed with the news network were their current educational arrangements owing to their busy performing schedule, as well as the onset of vocal evolution in their voices brought on by puberty. The boys were especially popular with fans due to their immense range enabling them to cover power ballads and similar songs from pop divas the world over.
But as Mackie puts it, the more they sing in that fashion, the more they are starting to experience some difficulty in holding the notes. “It’s a bit challenging for me because we’re still singing high notes while my voice (goes deeper) now that I’m undergoing puberty,” he says. To this Keifer adds that their constant belting on stage also carries health risks. “Sometimes it’s uncomfortable when I belt out high notes,” He notes, “because sometimes we get coughs.” The boys also remark that at times they have felt un-well following performances, such as during “The World’s Best” last month.
On the matter of continuing their education despite the grueling regimen they go through, Mackie, Keifer and Francis state that they are being home-schooled at present, after almost considering dropping out of school. That never came to pass after their parents and social media fans encouraged them to stay. They also tend to spend their time between singing practice and performances studying. Currently, Francis is now Grade 5, Mackie Grade 7, and Keifer Grade 8.
Mackie Empuerto feels that of the three of them in the group, his puberty has had the greatest effect on his voice so far. Nevertheless, he is finding some workarounds to the tonal shift thanks to techniques being taught them all by their vocal coach. “I can still fight it,” Mackie confidently declares, turning to his fellow TNT Boys before adding, “I hope that they can fight it as well.”
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