Friday, March 8, 2019

“THE WORLD’S BEST” Sees TNT BOYS Exit in Battle Rounds

Six weeks have passed following the premiere of “The World’s Best.” The NBC reality talent show was something of a fresh new retread on the concept, with its sharing contestant-scoring duties between a three-member judges’ panel and 50 international entertainment experts forming a “Wall of the World.” The Philippines even had good stakes in the show since the country has both a competitor in the TNT Boys, and a Wall member in Pops Fernandez. The incredible singing trio pretty much breezed through the first two times they performed on stage, and seemed set to sing their way to the finals.
As CNN Philippines tells us however, that no longer appears to be the case. When the trio of Mackie Empuerto, Francis Concepcion and Kiefer Sanchez returned to “The World’s Best” on March 6 for the last phase of the Battle Rounds, they were eliminated. The TNT Boys took part in the last of five Battle Round matchups in the show Wednesday evening. Their opponents were the American a cappella singing group Naturally 7. For their third song on the competition the Boys decided on “Flashlight” by UK singer Jessie J. While they continued to hold the judges in thrall, the Wall of the World this time was not easily impressed.
Judging their performance in the Battle Round, judges Ru Paul, Drew Barrymore and Faith Hill were still highly supportive, with an average score of 49 between them. The Wall on the other hand added only 18 points for a total of 67, while Naturally 7 got 75, which during the Auditions period was the minimal passing score. It can only stand to reason that Pops Fernandez could be counted on to side with the TNT Boys, but her fellow Wall experts gravitated more for the other group. A likely reading of the outcome by viewers might be that it came down to the song choice that decided the eventual winner.
“The World’s Best” host James Corden was still effusive in his praise while seeing the trio off, telling them, “Every single person who has watched you perform on this show, you have moved them and changed them and this is the start of an incredible journey.” Furthermore, there is a rising suspicion that their Battle Round loss may not mean the end for the TNT Boys in the contest. The official Twitter page of “The World’s Best” has encouraged audiences to vote for their “Fan Favorite” performer of the night on the tweet’s comment section.
Could this be a mechanic for a returning wildcard contestant? Perhaps we might hear more from Kiefer, Francis and Mackie yet? The answers will come next week in “The World’s Best,” Wednesday nights on NBC.
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