Saturday, March 16, 2019


In this day and age the internet is an integral part of everyday life. Therefore the sudden loss of service from a website or any other online platform can be very annoying for many people. When the interruption of service happens on one of the many channels of social media, the displeasure can be very significant. And this has happened before, even with the major social platforms such as Facebook, which also has several related services under its umbrella. This late Wednesday, the world’s most iconic social network went under in some regions around the globe, along with several others.
The Verge reports that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have gone partially down for users in certain areas internationally. Over a period from March 13 to 14 their services have been interrupted in areas that cover a few U.S. and Australian states, to entire countries in Europe. Facebook in fact appears to have its spotty service stretch to past 10 hours already in what is being touted as the longest it has had problems with its online service. Users of FB, Instagram and WhatsApp among others, especially the mobile app versions, tended to be greeted with a “Something went wrong” message.
As for the Facebook-related social media platforms, WhatsApp had a shifting of places affected by the service interruptions as the day went on. First South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina) and India-Bangladesh had difficulties. When their WhatsApp connection was later restored, the problems moved to parts of Mexico, Russia, Israel and other areas, with the worst service loss (according to DownDetector as of this writing) in Europe and Malaysia-Indonesia. Instagram troubles covered almost the same areas, with the additions of southern UK, a part of western Russia and Japan. Japan too has a red DownDetector reading for Facebook, with Luzon and the Visayas in the Philippines also affected by the interruptions.
With the seemingly random pattern of service outages over the past several hours, Facebook had to eat humble pie and post an apology plus promise to fix their platform on one of its prominent rivals, Twitter. Users of FB, WhatsApp and Instagram also flocked to the “bird” platform to grouse at their inconvenience, with #FacebookDown and similar hash-tags quickly trending mid-week. There were discussions on the cause of the service loss too, but Facebook has quickly shot down the theory that their various services were hit by a “Distributed Denial-of-Service” (DDoS) attack. That clarification was given two hours into the outage, with no updates since.
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