Friday, March 22, 2019


There are so many hits in exclusive original content on the global streaming juggernaut Netflix that draw viewers to their platform. One of these exclusive series, which has been nominated multiple times in various award-giving bodies, is the quirkily scary but still kid-friendly sci-fi horror show “Stranger Things.” The series is extremely popular for many factors, from its effective cast to its nostalgic 1980s period setting, as well as it driving narrative involving a supernatural alternate dimension and how it might affect our world. Two seasons have told the story with a one-year time-skip in between, and a third is on its way this July, with a new trailer revealed.
The Hollywood Reporter has it that Netflix put up a trailer for season 3 of “Stranger Things” on Wednesday, March 20. As of this writing the trailer is number 45 trending on YouTube, and it is no secret why so many are watching. Not only does it drop heavy hints as to what new challenging mystery awaits the young heroes of Hawkins, Indiana, it also steeps the setting anew in some beloved eighties references in pop culture. That last one has a double meaning in terms of what the Duffers, Eleven and their friends are going through now: growing up.
“We’re not kids anymore,” notes Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) at one point. Nowhere is that true in how the young cast looks now. The backing song from Motley Crue pegs the timeframe in 1985, or a year after season 2’s 1984. The onset of puberty among the characters also causes the first significant interpersonal friction between them, between playing games and moving on to things like school dances and part-time jobs. While Hawkins is marching with progress, that is matched in turn by the encroaching corruption from the Upside Down.
“Stranger Things” also has some in-universe and real-world synergy in the time period. The third season premieres in the Fourth of July, and the occasion is also prominent in the plot from what we see in the trailer. Here is where some of the potential menaces are framed against: a gunman stalking the hall of mirrors at a Hawkins fair, and ultimately an eldritch monster from the Upside Down appearing in the mall. Initial season details revealed also mention that the first “Back to the Future” movie is still popular during the season’s time. Whatever significance that might have will only be revealed when “Stranger Things” resumes July on Netflix.
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