Friday, March 1, 2019

“MASKED SINGER” Finals on FOX Ends with MONSTER aka T-PAIN Winning

This evening of Wednesday, February 27, the quirkiest singing reality competition yet shown on television had its finals on Fox. “The Masked Singer,” already assured of a second season back in January, was primed to give their inaugural contest an epic send-off with a two-hour double-episode finale. Following a “Road to the Finals” special that built up hype for the remaining anonymous competitors, these three finalists, codenamed Bee, Peacock and Monster, would go head to head to head one last time. As expected when all was said and done, the finalists were all established singers; the winner being a rapper.
E! Online reports that, in the climactic three-way finals sing-off of Fox’s “The Masked Singer,” the ultimately-triumphant singer was the contestant in the bulky one-eyed Monster suit. What really sweetened the night for Monster was that to the end, the four-member panel never cottoned on to his identity, even as they were somehow able to discern who lay behind the masks of his rivals Peacock and Bee. The latter, first to be eliminated in the finals, was revealed to be the Empress of Soul Gladys Knight, though considering her singing style over the episodes it was not much in doubt.
When Monster was hailed as the winner and seated on the “champion’s throne,” the last other remaining competitor Peacock was unmasked first. Again, panel predictions were good in that he was 70s singing idol Donny Osmond. Monster, who carried this final day with his interpretation of Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It,” managed to keep the panelists stumped to the end, until he finally took his turn to take off the mask. And who would have thought? Rapper T-Pain, who debuted in the 2000s and whose songs include “I’m In Luv (Wit a Stripper)” out-sung his fellow masked singers and set a standard for other champions in future.
An interesting tidbit about T-Pain was that he was a reluctant contestant for “The Masked Singer.” He only changed his tune upon seeing the costumes and masks for the show; USA Today has it he fell in love with the Monster suit and was perfectly fine with being eliminated in the premiere as long as he got to wear it. Eventually however, as he continued to enjoy success in votes, T-Pain admitted that he got to relish performing in his natural singing voice, something he rarely got to do as a rapper that happens to use Auto-Tune. “This [show] helped me get my voice out there even more,” he remarked.
With this, there will be much to look forward to when the next season of “The Masked Singer” arrives on Fox anytime in the future.
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