Saturday, March 16, 2019


In the world of showbiz, the comeback is one of the industry’s high-risk high-return moments, when a celebrity of the past that has not done any work for some time decided to return in the hope fans still remember and will support him. That goes double perhaps, when it is a pair that does a comeback, like a love team. Those who lived through the nineties will most likely remember the tandem of Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin. While not exactly “retired” from the industry, the two have not co-starred in anything for some time. That will change pretty soon.
CNN Philippines reports that Marvin and Jolina will be at it again as a love team for an upcoming motion picture. This news hit the Pinoy showbiz social media community on Tuesday, March 12, following the post of the actor and actress of the same photo on their respective Instagram pages. Team #MarJo is seen in the picture with captions squeezing about their new team-up with Dan Villegas and Antoine Jadaone as directors. Followers of local cinema would recognize them for their previous hits of the rom-com genre: “That Thing Called Tadhana”, “Alone/Together”, “Exes Baggage” and “Never Not Love You.”

Fans who have never forgotten the awesomeness of the #MarJo tandem need only wait until around the end of the year to see what they and co-directors Jadaone and Villegas are cooking. Apparently their movie will be pushed as an official entry to the Holiday-season Metro Manila Film Festival. While it is still a ways off before audiences can measure this new production against what is likely the greatest Marvin and Jolina outing from the past (“Labs Kita…Okay Ka Lang?” from 1998), the devoted #MarJo babies will certainly anticipate this new offering from their idols and their rom-com veteran collaborators.
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