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In 2005 three brothers from New Jersey formed a pop rock band. While they quickly became popular thanks to their first two albums, it was their appearances on the Disney Channel that cemented them as household words for teenagers in the 21st Century. First appearing as themselves on “Hanna Montana,” even becoming a significant part on the titular character’s “Best of Both Worlds” concert film in 2008, the Jonas Brothers then took prominent billing in the Disney Channel original film “Camp Rock” and its sequel. Eventually the band broke up in 2013 as its members pursued independent musical interests, only to return in a big way with a new single.
CNN tells us that Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas have brought the band back together as they announced last week on Thursday, February 28. This news comes about six years after the Jonas Brothers first announced their breakup in 2013. Questions as to what new material the band will be working on were answered that same day at midnight, when the single “Sucker” was introduced to their surprised fans via social media. In addition, the single already has a music video produced, one that drives home how much the Jonases have grown over the years.
“#SuckerVideo is officially out!” crowed the bros on their official Twitter page. “We really had the best time shooting this video in England with our family. Hope you guys love it. Feels good to be back.” As stated, the music video for “Sucker” was shot in the UK, specifically at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, the site of which was once the childhood palace home of Queen Elizabeth I.
The primary stars of the video aside from the Jonas Brothers are their respective lady loves: the wives of Kevin and Nick, Danielle (nee Deliasa) and Priyanka (nee Chopra) respectively, and Joe’s fiancée Sophie “Sansa Stark” Turner. It is appropriate considering that the lyrics of “Sucker” concerns the Jonases being the titular suckers for their significant others; as one of the lyrics goes, “You say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly.”
While the Jonas Brothers were boosted strongly in the public consciousness by both their albums (through Disney’s Hollywood Records label) and Disney Channel regularity, the band went on hiatus from 2010 to 11 as they tried their hand at solo careers. An attempt to produce a fifth album as a 2012 comeback fell through, leading to the split that lasted until this year, and “Sucker.”
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