Thursday, March 21, 2019

First “IDOL PHILIPPINES” Teaser Revealed

Last month, fans of singing reality competitions in the Philippines perked up when they heard news of an international franchise’s return to local airwaves. Freemantle Media’s “Idol” series has long been considered a pioneer of this subgenre of reality TV, and has been localized in many countries around the world. Its Philippine experience however has been spotty, with two networks trying but failing to make a multi-season mainstay of it in their primetime lineups. Now, ABS-CBN has picked up the franchise as “Idol Philippines” with a judges’ panel comprised of their major celebrities. An official teaser has now been released.
ABS-CBN News reports that the first teaser for “Search for the Idol Philippines” or “Idol Philippines” for short has come out this past weekend. Not only did it finally show the complete lineup of judges for the competition, but also narrowed down its eventual premiere on the ABS-CBN network. Initial info about the show was that the judges’ panel will be led by legendary singing idol and recently-minted “Kapamilya” Regine Velasquez. Her fellow panelists have already been confirmed as fellow artists Moira de la Torre, James Reid, and comedian Vice Ganda. A shot of host Billy Crawford was also shown.
On the trailer, the judges get to talking about their individual ideas regarding the characteristics of an “idol,” especially one that will be heard around the world from the country. Regine, who may be the closest analogy “Idol Philippines” might have to Simon Cowell, opines that a new idol can come from “anyone who dreams” of it. Moira adds that an idol must “believe that the world will listen to them,” while Reid adds that they must be determined to “fight to the end.” Vice succinctly sums up these named qualities as belonging to a true singing idol, while Billy promises that the first Idol Philippines will soon be heard.
With regards to Regine Velasquez being the Simon Cowell figure of the third “Idol” edition on Philippine TV, she said in interview that she is going to find it difficult to balance her desire to help with being honest. While the veteran singer has concerns that saying no to a contestant that does not make the cut might “ruin their dreams,” she also feels that honest opinion on a performance is the best way to inspire potential idols to improve. Moira meanwhile feels she will be empathetic with the contestants due to having been one herself in “The Voice of the Philippines,” also on ABS-CBN.
Although no precise date has been given, “Idol Philippines” will premiere sometime in April. The likeliest scenario will have the show’s premiere on a weekend.
Image courtesy of ABS-CBN News


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