Saturday, March 16, 2019


The ongoing passing of time inevitably means that many people we know who have been part of our lives will someday pass on. When it comes to the Philippine showbiz industry we have certainly lost a lot already in terms of humor. Just as equally loved as the dramatic leads and action stars are the comedians, who never failed to make Filipinos laugh no matter what. But the attrition of great Pinoy comedy legends leaves us with only past memories of their funny films and shows. But a local comic artist is about to bring the country’s departed comedians back to make tickle us anew.
ABS-CBN News has it that a digital comic book is coming out that depicts a world where the loved and lost comedians of the Philippines abruptly return to life. This is “The Comedians Reborn,” written and drawn by graphic artist Alan Czar Santos. While it has a full color cover, filled with departed comedy figures like Rene Requiestas, Babalu, Redford White, Richie D’Horsie, and Dolphy himself among many others, the comic interior is drawn manga-style (black and white). Santos uploaded the first 19 pages of his first volume for the comic on its official Facebook page “The Comedian -Reborn-” Monday.
“The Comedians Reborn” (distinct from the FB page where “comedian” is singular) is presented as a non-stop comedy special taking place in the present day, but with so many dead comedians still alive and eliciting wide varieties of humor with every word and action they make.
The scope of resurrecting comedy acts for the comic is so up-to-date that Santos even included those who passed away this year, like Bentong and Chokoleit. In his caption for the first uploaded pages Santos says, “This comic/work is to honor and to give tribute those talented, astonishingly funny and brilliant late comedians who made us laugh, who we grew up watching over & over again, they brought us so much laughter, joy and made such a big impact to our childhood lives. Their jokes will always be missed and NOW THEIR LEGACY CONTINUES….”
Already the digital comic has earned over 50,000 followers on its Facebook page since the initial page upload (cover plus pages 1 to 19) last March 12. A second upload yesterday, March 13, sees a second batch of pages for “The Comedians Reborn” Vol. 1, namely pages 20 to 28. Alan Czar Santos mentioned on comments that aside from the revived comedians doing their trademark shticks, the narrative will also touch on the reasons why they have returned, with roots in Philippine myths and folklore.
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