Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Upon her victory in the 2018 Miss Universe pageant in Thailand last year, it is understandable that Catriona Gray will have a heaping serving of activities on her plate for this year. There are media appearances on the one hand, and international travels to act on various charities of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) on the other. Still, Catriona has managed to make time to return to the Philippines every now and then, such as to do a charming commercial endorsement for the country’s biggest fast-food chain. The new ad also makes reference to the current Miss Universe’s trademark motion.
CNN Philippines has it that a new advertising was released last Friday, March 15, by Jollibee. It features Miss Universe Catriona Gray doing her signature slow-motion catwalk turn to promote a new reformulation of the fast-food’s Jolly Twirl sundae. Dubbed “Our Best Twirl Ever,” the ad features Catriona repeatedly performing her slow twirl that enchanted not just the pageant judges last December but also a number of runway models plus fashion publications and experts the world over. Resplendent in a long white gown with leg slit, the effect of Catriona’s twirls is superimposed on the new Jolly Twirl for emphasis.
The new recipe for the Jolly Twirl sundae by Jollibee Foods is said to be thicker and creamier than the former formulation. Catriona’s voiceover expounds that the reformulation makes the new Twirl retain its form, as well as keep from melting for much longer. These factors are going to be much helpful if the Jolly Twirl is ordered in a cone (to keep from dripping onto the hands), although it can also be enjoyed in a tumbler with the usual delicious chocolate topping. The new and improved Twirl still has the beloved vanilla flavor that has made it a hit with Jollibee’s numerous regular patrons.
When Jollibee goes and compares their Twirl sundae reformulation to Catriona Gray’s slow-motion twirl, they are certainly gunning for a high mark of quality. The “turn” along with the “lava walk” have been positively reviewed by “Vogue” magazine and supermodel Tyra Banks, two names that certainly know what they would be talking about. Jollibee regulars can try the new Jolly Twirl now, at P10 for the Cone Twirl and P30 for the chocolate-topped Twirl Sundae. They are the best twirl ever, as Catriona and mascot Twirlie demonstrate at the end.
Image courtesy of Starmometer


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