Thursday, February 21, 2019


The new international-scale reality talent competition “The World’s Best” has already run three of its ten episodes on CBS, and thus far it’s been a solid performer. That perhaps can be laid at the feet of the program’s eclectic host of contestants from every corner of the world. For the Philippines, they even have double representation, as it were, with little-boy band the TNT Boys as competitors and singer/TV personality Pops Fernandez as part of the 50-person “Wall of the World” of global entertainment experts that add their votes to the 50-point average scoring system of the show’s three judges.
The TNT Boys practically breezed through their audition piece in the premiere episode, and while they have yet to return to the program for the later stages, they have been busy in the States with TV guesting gigs, such as on CBS’ “The Late Late Show with James Corden” who also hosts “The World’s Best.” CNN Philippines reports that TNT Boys Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto, and Francis Concepcion performed one of their signature songs on studio, which was then posted on Facebook Wednesday, February 20. Little did they know that Corden had as special treat for them in the form of another special guest: one of the Boys’ favorite singers.
It all began back on “The World’s Best” when the group during commercial break acknowledged Corden as having met Ariana Grande, whom they idolized. That spurred the plan to surprise TNT by having Ariana backstage on “The Late Late Show” while Corden talked to the Boys about her. When Kiefer, Francis and Mackie got on to their rendition of “And I Am Telling You” by Jennifer Hudson, the surprise was sprung when Ariana appeared in mid-song and turned the trio into a quartet, with TNT carrying on to the end despite a moment of shock.
After the performance, singer and idol had a chance to exchange a few words, though the idol worship seems to have been going both ways at that point. Ariana Grande even made “worship-bow” gestures at the TNT Boys as they wound down. Later she remarked, “I am obsessed with you, guys. You are so incredible. That was so beautiful.” They later got some neat group pictures to commemorate their meeting.
“The World’s Best” airs every Wednesday on CBS, with host James Corden and judges Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill and RuPaul. Thus far the reality competition is still in its international audition phase, before moving on to the battle rounds towards the finals on episode 10.

Image courtesy of Manila Bulletin


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