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Last week, the 12 mysteriously covered and concealed contestants of Fox’s hilariously fun new reality singing competition “The Masked Singer” was finally whittled down to half. That one saw the exit of veteran talk show host Ricki Lake, who was costumed as “Raven” for the show. This week is the last regular showdown episode of the contest before it heads into serious territory with the semi-finals next week. By now, the initially far-out guesses of the in-show panel, stage/TV audiences and social media have been honed to make sharp deductions on the remaining singers’ identities. The seventh eliminated singer for instance, was correctly named online.
The Hollywood Reporter has it that the latest contestant to be unmasked in “The Masked Singer” last Wednesday, February 13, was none other than singer and famous family member La Toya Jackson. She was incognito as the competitor “Alien,” and her last appearance on the show – performances and everything else – was apparently an easy guess for home viewers this time. Alien had been pitted against Rabbit, Monster, Bee, Peacock and Lion, and her rendition of “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King got chosen by the studio audience and show panel of Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke to be the weakest performance.
In her post-show interview with the Reporter, Jackson revealed that she had been a hesitant contestant for “The Masked Singer” but ultimately decided to go through with it for the unique experience. She also shared a few of the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the competition, such as how the contestants pick their songs (the producers ask for their song list to have them cleared for possible performance, with the singers having free pick on what they will perform for the episode).
Jackson was impressed at the measures used to conceal identities between the contestants and staff, though she felt the mandatory clue showcases tripped her over, as evidenced by the Twitter storms deducing her as the Alien that flooded her page. With her time in the show over, she has expressed interest at going through it again if given the chance.
And she just might. “The Masked Singer” was so good with its quirky premise attracting viewers and revitalizing the reality singing competition TV genre, that Fox went ahead and cleared it for a new season. In the meantime, the show is now going into the semis on February 20. Here, two masked singers will be unmasked, leaving only three to go head to head to head in the show finale.
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