Friday, February 22, 2019


The legendary Steve Jobs of Apple, back when he was alive, once remarked during an event for the iPhone that the trend for smartphone size will be to get smaller. But not long after his utterance, Korean electronics giant Samsung surprised all with its introduction of the bigger-screen-with-stylus Galaxy Note. This product line helped popularize the “phablet” device that stands between phone and tablet in function, as well as reverse somewhat the “downsizing” of smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy Note series was a revolutionary step in mobile devices, but the company has something new cooking: a smartphone that “unfolds” into a tablet.
While the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco this past Wednesday, February 20, was primarily focused on the introduction of the new Galaxy S10 and its two variants, the South Korean smartphone maker did have time to tease another upcoming device according to Business Insider. This was the Galaxy Fold, the long-promised smartphone with option to expand into a tablet and back, a function made possible by and OLED display than can, indeed, be folded and unfolded repeatedly and still work. Samsung’s Justin Denison presented the Fold during the event, claiming it adds a new dimension to smartphones and their users’ lives, by its category-defying and definitive hybrid gimmick.
On its basic smartphone mode, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a mere 4.6 inches long. But open it up along one side and it unfolds into a tablet with a screen measuring 7.3 inches. Both screens (phone and tablet) are AMOLED displays, with the latter tablet screen being of a new “Infinity Flex” design that facilitates its ingenious folding mechanics. While the phone screen is fairly conventional in features, the tablet screen has impressive capabilities borne by its folding ability.
For instance, the tablet screen of the Galaxy Fold can be “compartmentalized” in order to simultaneously run three different mobile apps, each occupying a section of the display. This is a natural progression of the Galaxy Note’s split-screen mode which has since been picked up by other manufacturers on their phablets. Other features include 3.0 universal flash storage, a 7nm Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9820 processor, and two battery packs with a combined power generation rating of 4,380 mAh. Considering its groundbreaking folding screen tech, it may be understandable – if budget-busting – to have the Fold be priced at $1,980 or worth two basic Galaxy S10 phones. More specs about the Galaxy Fold are to be expected in the following days, leading up to its own projected launch on April 26.
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