Friday, February 22, 2019


We knew it was coming. The world knew because the manufacturer went and fessed up about it mere days after their newest product was leaked to the public. Before South Korean smartphone maker Samsung announced their live event that took place this week, their big reveal has already been spoiled, and the company’s actions have been an impressive way of rolling with the punches and going with the flow. Everybody was anticipating the new Galaxy S10 and its S10 Plus phablet variant, so Samsung can only just start the promotion well in advance. And now, at San Francisco this February 20, all facts are revealed.
The Verge reports that the specs for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 are finally known following its formal introduction at the Galaxy Unpacked Event in San Francisco on Wednesday. For starters, there are three variants of the smartphone this time. In addition to the baseline model and the Plus phablet, there is now also the Galaxy S10e, Samsung’s new downsize model that will be the alternative choice for buyers who cannot yet afford the others, or do not need more powerful smartphones.
In terms of specs, the Galaxy S10 packs a 6.1-inch screen, and in true Samsung form, has no bezels whatsoever. That is quite remarkable considering that the phone is actually shorter than the preceding S9, even if the display is bigger by .2 inch, with 1440-pixels, wide 19:9 OLED, and curved sides that smoothly transition at the edges into the aluminum frame. The 10-megapixel front camera is housed in an upper-right hole-punch cutout, and the fingerprint scanner goes from the rear-located capacitive to the screen-located ultrasonic.
The S9 Plus’ rear cam is carried over to the S10s, retaining wide/super-wide and telephoto imaging options and 16-megapixel sensor. Video recording goes up to 4K UHD regardless of front or back camera use. Internal processor will either be a Snapdragon 855 or Samsung Exynos (in some US regions), plus 8-12GB RAM and 128-GB storage. Power comes from a 3,400mAh cell supporting fast wired or wireless charging. The S10 is IP68 water-resistant, and retains a 3.5mm audio jack. Its current MOS is Android 9 Pie, with Samsung’s One UI interface and improved Bixby features.
Variations on the S10 Plus and S10e are the following: the phablet has a 6.4-inch display, two front cams (the other an 8-megapixel), a max 1TB storage and 4,100mAh battery. The S10e is smaller than both at 5.8 inches of 1080 display, and no curves. The fingerprint reader is on the side power button, and with only two rear cameras.
Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S10 line are on this Thursday, February 21, ahead of its March 8 shipping date. Prices range from $899.99 (S10) to $999.99 (S10 Plus) and $749.99 (S10e). And these are only the beginning for the Samsung S10, with some more variants coming later this year.
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