Tuesday, February 19, 2019


While general fans of the superhero genre, particularly of Marvel characters, are more aware of the movie versions seen in Marvel Studios’ MCU franchise, more dedicated followers would have gone and actually bought, in print or digital format, the medium that tells the original take on Earth’s mightiest heroes: Marvel Comics. Even as the Cinematic Universe goes and adapts storylines from the original comic books that have long since been printed, all-new plot arcs and adventures continue to be told in pages that are published regularly at varying points of a month throughout the year.
And as The Manila Bulletin puts it, Filipino fans of the Marvel brand may have something to look forward to in the most current storylines being told on the comic books that started them all. A Marvel event arc called “War of the Realms” running a mini series of six issues plus assorted tie-is to ongoing Marvel titles, will soon introduce a new superhero character named Wave, who according to the official Marvel website, is a Filipina. This is the first significant character from the Philippines that will be introduced as a costumed hero in Marvel Comics, though Filipino artists have worked for Marvel in the past and helped create several characters during their tenure.
Not much is known about Wave other than her gender and ethnicity. It is not yet known what her powers are, how she got them, and what her character background is. All that has been revealed by Marvel editor is that Wave and fellow new Marvel heroes Sword Master and Aero are the latest members of the comic-book super team the Agents of Atlas, and that they will appear in the initial issue of the “War of the Realms” series.
Marvel War of the Realms
The saga sees Earth being threatened by a new menace from the Asgardian realms from which Thor hails from: the Queen of Cinders. She starts her conquest in Asia, which explains why Asian and Asian-American Marvel heroes like Amadeus Cho, Jimmy Woo, Shang-Chi, and Silk team up with the regions local super-people: China’s Aero and Sword Master, and the Philippines’ Wave, plus other personages like Io, Crescent and Luna Snow.
And they will not be the only ones involved according to Will Moss, who adds, “War of the Realms is this big, big Marvel universe story involving all the heroes from the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Wolverine, the whole line.” Titles tying in to the miniseries include “Avengers”, “Tony Stark: Iron Man”, “Thor”, “Venom”, “Punisher”, “X-Men” and so much more. Marvel’s “The War of the Realms” will be released in comic stores and online this month, while the MCU films start with “Captain Marvel” March.
Images: CNN Philippines and Marvel.com


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