Friday, February 22, 2019

Mecca Music Starts a New Chapter with New Artist Tamara

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Independent music company Mecca Music continues its legacy of creating a collaborative environment for upcoming local musicians by relaunching its brand.
“I believe the music industry is at an inflection point,” Champ Liu Pio, Mecca Music founder, says. “The music landscape has totally shifted in favor of the artist. As it should be, artists should be running the music industry.”
Along with this, the company also marks its new chapter with the unveiling of its latest talent: singer-songwriter Tamara.
“I’m definitely excited working with Mecca Music. Champ laid out a solid career plan for me and surrounded me with incredibly talented people to work and collaborate [with] on my music.” Tamara shares. “I’m really happy with the turn out of “Ngayon” and I can’t wait to share it and for people to hear my music.”
About Mecca Music
Founded in 2011, Mecca Music was founded by Champ Lui Pio with the vision to uplift Philippine music. Other than making opportunities for collaborations, the music company also aims to provide musicians the expertise to plan organic strategies. With these strategies in place, artists are assisted in expressing and sharing their craft even more.
Artists such as Somedaydream, Luigi D’Avola, Bob, and The Raes have been part of the music company’s history. This 2019, Mecca Music embarks in a new journey with its new artist, Tamara.
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About Tamara
Singer-songwriter Tamara was discovered at a songwriting competition. She bagged first place, but that wasn’t her only win that day: Champ Liu Pio, who was judging the competition, offered to sign her under Mecca Music.
The months spent on writing, recording and brainstorming over her music has finally paid off with the release of her debut single “Ngayon.”
Produced by Roll Martinez (Hale), “Ngayon” is currently being played at several radio stations, with the goal of reaching more ears every day. It is set to debut on Spotify & Apple Music on 2 March 2019, Saturday.
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