Monday, February 11, 2019


It seems as if the Filipino people are, whether deliberately or not, striving being one of the biggest users of electronic communication devices out of most other countries in the world. It was just over a decade or so ago, when analysts were sort of declaring the Philippines to be the widest users of short messaging system (SMS/text) since it was introduced into mobile phones, leading to the nickname “Texting Capital of the World.” This year however, a new statistical study has shown Filipinos to be the current top global patrons of yet another electronic communications medium, the internet itself.
CNN Philippines reports that two online research outfits have released a report on the current digital trends for this year. We are Social and Hootsuite’s “Digital 2019” report, analyzing the online habits and behavior all over the world, lists Filipinos as the longest-duration internet explorers of the world. In terms of specifics, studies show that internet users in the Philippines spend an average of 10:02 hours in a day online, and that is the average total spent on all internet-capable devices from desktop computers to smartphones and internet TV. Filipinos are only followed in duration by Brazilians (9:29), Thai (9:11), Colombians (9:00) and Indonesians (8:36).
In other items of the Digital 2019 report, there are 79 million Filipinos at age 13 and above that are active in social media, against the country’s total population of over 100 million. Some 72 million of them use smartphones for browsing their social media. About 71 percent of the country’s communities are penetrated by social media services of the internet. In the last year alone Philippine social media use grew by about 13%; and from January 2018 to this month over 9 million Filipinos learned to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on.
These numbers are doubly impressive considering that for all the large numbers of Filipino internet users, the country is also one of the slowest in the world in terms of internet speed. To compare, the average Philippine net speed of 19.0 mbps is just one-tenths that of Singapore, which goes up to 190.0 mbps. Those speeds however would be just fine for only social media use, and the Philippines’ average daily use of that portion of the internet is a total of 4 hours and 12 minutes average. The most preferred social media platform by Filipinos is Facebook, but they also use Twitter and Instagram, where they have the highest female user ratio in the world, 63% and 64% respectively.
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