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The legendary Steve Jobs of Apple, back when he was alive, once remarked during an event for the iPhone that the trend for smartphone size will be to get smaller. But not long after his utterance, Korean electronics giant Samsung surprised all with its introduction of the bigger-screen-with-stylus Galaxy Note. This product line helped popularize the “phablet” device that stands between phone and tablet in function, as well as reverse somewhat the “downsizing” of smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy Note series was a revolutionary step in mobile devices, but the company has something new cooking: a smartphone that “unfolds” into a tablet.
While the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco this past Wednesday, February 20, was primarily focused on the introduction of the new Galaxy S10 and its two variants, the South Korean smartphone maker did have time to tease another upcoming device according to Business Insider. This was the Galaxy Fold, the long-promised smartphone with option to expand into a tablet and back, a function made possible by and OLED display than can, indeed, be folded and unfolded repeatedly and still work. Samsung’s Justin Denison presented the Fold during the event, claiming it adds a new dimension to smartphones and their users’ lives, by its category-defying and definitive hybrid gimmick.
On its basic smartphone mode, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a mere 4.6 inches long. But open it up along one side and it unfolds into a tablet with a screen measuring 7.3 inches. Both screens (phone and tablet) are AMOLED displays, with the latter tablet screen being of a new “Infinity Flex” design that facilitates its ingenious folding mechanics. While the phone screen is fairly conventional in features, the tablet screen has impressive capabilities borne by its folding ability.
For instance, the tablet screen of the Galaxy Fold can be “compartmentalized” in order to simultaneously run three different mobile apps, each occupying a section of the display. This is a natural progression of the Galaxy Note’s split-screen mode which has since been picked up by other manufacturers on their phablets. Other features include 3.0 universal flash storage, a 7nm Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9820 processor, and two battery packs with a combined power generation rating of 4,380 mAh. Considering its groundbreaking folding screen tech, it may be understandable – if budget-busting – to have the Fold be priced at $1,980 or worth two basic Galaxy S10 phones. More specs about the Galaxy Fold are to be expected in the following days, leading up to its own projected launch on April 26.
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Mecca Music Starts a New Chapter with New Artist Tamara

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Independent music company Mecca Music continues its legacy of creating a collaborative environment for upcoming local musicians by relaunching its brand.
“I believe the music industry is at an inflection point,” Champ Liu Pio, Mecca Music founder, says. “The music landscape has totally shifted in favor of the artist. As it should be, artists should be running the music industry.”
Along with this, the company also marks its new chapter with the unveiling of its latest talent: singer-songwriter Tamara.
“I’m definitely excited working with Mecca Music. Champ laid out a solid career plan for me and surrounded me with incredibly talented people to work and collaborate [with] on my music.” Tamara shares. “I’m really happy with the turn out of “Ngayon” and I can’t wait to share it and for people to hear my music.”
About Mecca Music
Founded in 2011, Mecca Music was founded by Champ Lui Pio with the vision to uplift Philippine music. Other than making opportunities for collaborations, the music company also aims to provide musicians the expertise to plan organic strategies. With these strategies in place, artists are assisted in expressing and sharing their craft even more.
Artists such as Somedaydream, Luigi D’Avola, Bob, and The Raes have been part of the music company’s history. This 2019, Mecca Music embarks in a new journey with its new artist, Tamara.
unnamed (1)
About Tamara
Singer-songwriter Tamara was discovered at a songwriting competition. She bagged first place, but that wasn’t her only win that day: Champ Liu Pio, who was judging the competition, offered to sign her under Mecca Music.
The months spent on writing, recording and brainstorming over her music has finally paid off with the release of her debut single “Ngayon.”
Produced by Roll Martinez (Hale), “Ngayon” is currently being played at several radio stations, with the goal of reaching more ears every day. It is set to debut on Spotify & Apple Music on 2 March 2019, Saturday.
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For more information, contact:
Champ Lui Pio
CEO | 0917 811 2020


We knew it was coming. The world knew because the manufacturer went and fessed up about it mere days after their newest product was leaked to the public. Before South Korean smartphone maker Samsung announced their live event that took place this week, their big reveal has already been spoiled, and the company’s actions have been an impressive way of rolling with the punches and going with the flow. Everybody was anticipating the new Galaxy S10 and its S10 Plus phablet variant, so Samsung can only just start the promotion well in advance. And now, at San Francisco this February 20, all facts are revealed.
The Verge reports that the specs for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 are finally known following its formal introduction at the Galaxy Unpacked Event in San Francisco on Wednesday. For starters, there are three variants of the smartphone this time. In addition to the baseline model and the Plus phablet, there is now also the Galaxy S10e, Samsung’s new downsize model that will be the alternative choice for buyers who cannot yet afford the others, or do not need more powerful smartphones.
In terms of specs, the Galaxy S10 packs a 6.1-inch screen, and in true Samsung form, has no bezels whatsoever. That is quite remarkable considering that the phone is actually shorter than the preceding S9, even if the display is bigger by .2 inch, with 1440-pixels, wide 19:9 OLED, and curved sides that smoothly transition at the edges into the aluminum frame. The 10-megapixel front camera is housed in an upper-right hole-punch cutout, and the fingerprint scanner goes from the rear-located capacitive to the screen-located ultrasonic.
The S9 Plus’ rear cam is carried over to the S10s, retaining wide/super-wide and telephoto imaging options and 16-megapixel sensor. Video recording goes up to 4K UHD regardless of front or back camera use. Internal processor will either be a Snapdragon 855 or Samsung Exynos (in some US regions), plus 8-12GB RAM and 128-GB storage. Power comes from a 3,400mAh cell supporting fast wired or wireless charging. The S10 is IP68 water-resistant, and retains a 3.5mm audio jack. Its current MOS is Android 9 Pie, with Samsung’s One UI interface and improved Bixby features.
Variations on the S10 Plus and S10e are the following: the phablet has a 6.4-inch display, two front cams (the other an 8-megapixel), a max 1TB storage and 4,100mAh battery. The S10e is smaller than both at 5.8 inches of 1080 display, and no curves. The fingerprint reader is on the side power button, and with only two rear cameras.
Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S10 line are on this Thursday, February 21, ahead of its March 8 shipping date. Prices range from $899.99 (S10) to $999.99 (S10 Plus) and $749.99 (S10e). And these are only the beginning for the Samsung S10, with some more variants coming later this year.
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FOX’s “THE MASKED SINGER” Semis Remove TWO: Former Member of NSYNC and BRUCE WILLIS’ Daughter

For the now-inaugural season of Fox’s quirky reality singing competition “The Masked Singer,” the end is nigh in sight. Five of its dozen costumed contestants remained since the show premiered in January. On the eighth episode aired Wednesday, February 20, on Fox, there were only three left following the first double elimination from the competition. Thus far the unmasked singers revealed have been mostly of fields outside music and singing: NFL singers, comedians, actresses. The seventh eliminated was singer LaToya Jackson, the first singer revealed. The trend would go that only recording artists remain of the competitors. For episode 8, that prediction was only half-right.
E! Online reports that “The Masked Singer” bid farewell to two of its remaining five contestants during the semi-finals episode on Wednesday. For week 8, the Bee, Rabbit, Monster, Lion and Peacock went head to head in a five-way sing-off for the five-person panel of Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Melissa McCarthy and guest panelist Kenan Thompson. In the course of events, Lion and Rabbit were found wanting for the week and were compelled to unmask. The reveal solidified the notion that the remaining masked singers were actual recording singers, though the resultant pair was one group member and an actress with Broadway experience.
As it turned out, Lion was Rumer Willis, daughter of Hollywood big-names Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and an actress in her own right. Along with her slate of TV and film roles, she has also performed on Broadway since 2015, on a production of “Chicago” no less. Reality show experience for Rumer is on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” season 20, while her Fox network presence is on “Empire.”
Meanwhile, Rabbit is the second singer unmasked in the show, and like LaToya Jackson before her, the guy is famous for being part of a group: Joey Fatone of NSYNC. His career after the boy band days included his own Broadway stints, namely “Rent” and “Little Shop of Horrors.” Fatone also hosted karaoke game show “The Singing Bee” on both NBC and the Australian edition, plus competed in “Rewrapped” on Food Network. His most current hosting gig is for “Common Knowledge” on Game Show Network, with these duties also concurrent with his “Masked Singer” participation.
“The Masked Singer” will conclude next week in a two-hour special with back-to-back episodes, one showing the preparations for the actual final round, where Monster, Peacock and Bee sing to be the last singer to unmask, as the show’s winner.
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SONY PLAYSTATION 5 Speculation as PS4 Nears 7-YEAR “Changeover” Period

When Sony entered the videogame industry for keeps in 1994-95 with their PlayStation system, that was the beginning of their meteoric rise and establishment as one of the major pillars of console gaming. At present, Sony’s main console platform is the beefy PlayStation 4, which they introduced to the gaming world in 2013-14. Capable of playing games on Blu-Ray disks or stored in its hard drive, with great device integration and online capabilities, it stands as one of the pinnacles on what a dedicated videogame machine can do. Now, even though Sony has made no formal announcement yet, talk about a successor console, a “PlayStation 5,” has begun to circulate.
The Verge has it that, current estimates would have Sony releasing a new videogame console no later perhaps than the end of next year, 2020. This is in sync with the “seven-year period” of prominence with the PlayStation 4’s predecessors. It debuted seven years after the 2006 introduction of the PS3, which in turn arrived seven years after the unveiling of the PS2 (2000). The last definitive word by Sony on the matter of a planned PlayStation 5 was in October last year, when their CEO Kenichiro Yoshida remarked on the necessity of “next-gen” hardware before work on a follow-up console would even be considered.
On the other hand, even after close to seven years the PS4 does not seem to be showing any technical limitations for game developers. One needs only to look at recent releases for the system, like Insomniac Games’ “Spider-Man” or Sony Interactive Entertainment’s own “God of War.” Also contributing to a perceived longevity in the fourth PlayStation console is its mid-term upgrade the PS4 Pro. Still, many have observed that the console is rather light on game titles releasing this year; Sony has even announced that it will be a no-show at E3 2019. Perhaps they are gearing up for PS5 development to start soon?
That is only speculation at this point, but then again Sony must also be aware of talk that their primary rival Microsoft may have already begun bouncing ideas for their own successor console to follow the Xbox One, something that has more powerful specs and can also handle cloud gaming, the better to keep its game titles to its corporate chest as critics might say. One thing analysts can agree on is that both Microsoft and Sony are steadily blurring the line of game design between consoles and the PC, and that this might be the trend for the future, with more multiplayer exclusive titles. Eyes are on for this year and the next, waiting for the next Xbox whatever and the rumored PlayStation 5.
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The new international-scale reality talent competition “The World’s Best” has already run three of its ten episodes on CBS, and thus far it’s been a solid performer. That perhaps can be laid at the feet of the program’s eclectic host of contestants from every corner of the world. For the Philippines, they even have double representation, as it were, with little-boy band the TNT Boys as competitors and singer/TV personality Pops Fernandez as part of the 50-person “Wall of the World” of global entertainment experts that add their votes to the 50-point average scoring system of the show’s three judges.
The TNT Boys practically breezed through their audition piece in the premiere episode, and while they have yet to return to the program for the later stages, they have been busy in the States with TV guesting gigs, such as on CBS’ “The Late Late Show with James Corden” who also hosts “The World’s Best.” CNN Philippines reports that TNT Boys Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto, and Francis Concepcion performed one of their signature songs on studio, which was then posted on Facebook Wednesday, February 20. Little did they know that Corden had as special treat for them in the form of another special guest: one of the Boys’ favorite singers.
It all began back on “The World’s Best” when the group during commercial break acknowledged Corden as having met Ariana Grande, whom they idolized. That spurred the plan to surprise TNT by having Ariana backstage on “The Late Late Show” while Corden talked to the Boys about her. When Kiefer, Francis and Mackie got on to their rendition of “And I Am Telling You” by Jennifer Hudson, the surprise was sprung when Ariana appeared in mid-song and turned the trio into a quartet, with TNT carrying on to the end despite a moment of shock.
After the performance, singer and idol had a chance to exchange a few words, though the idol worship seems to have been going both ways at that point. Ariana Grande even made “worship-bow” gestures at the TNT Boys as they wound down. Later she remarked, “I am obsessed with you, guys. You are so incredible. That was so beautiful.” They later got some neat group pictures to commemorate their meeting.
“The World’s Best” airs every Wednesday on CBS, with host James Corden and judges Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill and RuPaul. Thus far the reality competition is still in its international audition phase, before moving on to the battle rounds towards the finals on episode 10.

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This is the last week before the 91st Academy Awards, which will take place in the Dolby Theater as planned despite every controversy and problem that has beset it since the year before. No host will tie the whole program together, with celebrities seeing the job as too much hassle or increasingly irrelevant. Controversies such as the Popular Picture category, the presenting of awards during commercial breaks to shorten TV airtime, and the plan to perform only two of the five Best Original Song nominees live have all been slammed and aborted. If there is anything good coming out of this year’s Oscars, news of this new addition to the evening’s performers may be it.
CNN reports that legendary British rock band Queen, whose story has been pushed to the forefront of the popular imagination by Fox biopic and Best Picture nominee “Bohemian Rhapsody,” will be onstage to rock Los Angeles Sunday, February 24 during Academy Awards night. While their most iconic front-man Freddie Mercury has been gone for decades, Queen is ready to rock the Dolby Theater audience and make the hammer fall, as it were, with the help of their current lead vocalist, “American Idol” veteran Adam Lambert.
“We will rock the Oscars,” Adam Lambert tweeted on his personal page, much to the joy of his and Queen’s combined fandoms; the Monday Twitter post has already garnered over 11,000 likes, more than 3,000 re-tweets and 700-plus comments. While the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has kept silent on how Queen was going to be part of the 91st Oscars performance schedule, it is highly likely that the originators of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” song and their hit collaborater “Glam-bert” will serve as the epic opening act of the night. It is just as well, seeing as their hit song’s namesake movie is up for no less than five Academy Award categories.
On the subject of live performances, the interpreters for four of the five Best Original Song nominees in this year’s Oscars have also been revealed. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will naturally do their theme song “Shallow” from “A Star is Born;” a duet between Gillian Welch and David Rawlings is expected for “When a Cowboy Trades His Spurs for Wings” from “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs;” Jennifer Hudson will do “I’ll Fight” from “RBG” while Bette Midler will interpret “All the Places I’ll Go” from Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns.” As for the fifth nominee, “All the Stars” from Marvel’s “Black Panther,” it has not yet been determined if the original performers Kendrick Lamar and SZA will handle it themselves.
The 91st Oscars will be broadcast Sunday night on ABC.
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Another INTENSE Hollywood Live-Action ANIME Adaptation in “ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL”

When a filmmaker has a movie project he wants to realize, but a variety of issues keep putting actual production of it on hold for upwards of a decade, nobody would probably blame them if they gave up on it. Not James Cameron, though. Ever since he was introduced to a Japanese manga by fellow director Guillermo Del Toro, he has been fascinated with the story to attempt adapting it to live-action. However, technical limitations of the time plus his work on “Avatar” in the 2000s put these plans in the back burner. Only this 2019 did the global movie-going audience finally get to see the long-awaited “Alita: Battle Angel.”
This new 20th Century Fox big-budget movie, a cyberpunk action extravaganza, is based on the manga “Gunm” by Yukito Kishiro, which came out in 1990 and localized as “Battle Angel Alita.” The adventures of an amnesiac cyborg girl that knows anti-robot martial arts in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk settlement under a tyrannical floating city, so enamored James Cameron that he took elements of that story to create his 2000 TV series “Dark Angel” with Jessica Alba. But he never let his highest ambition for the property – a live-action film – slip away.
When work on “Alita: Battle Angel” finally started in earnest, Cameron found himself too busy with the “Avatar” sequel to sit in the director’s chair. So while relegating himself as co-producer with Jon Landau, the job of making the movie happen fell to Robert Rodriguez, no slouch in intense action pieces himself. The result is a futuristic yet “Mad Max”-like narrative that readers of the original manga claim is a workable condensation of several important storylines into an under-2-hour feature. In a nutshell, “Battle Angel” follows Alita, a female cyborg found dismantled in a scrapyard by a surgeon for cyborgs who repairs and names her, and her adventures in Iron City, a junkyard metropolis serving as factory/farm for the sky-city of Zalem floating above them.
One significant feature of “Alita: Battle Angel” is the choice of the producers in how to render the title heroine. While CGI and props for half-man, half-machine cyborgs in the film’s setting was a given, the decision to render the main character, played by Rosa Salazar, in CGI that is both photo-realistic and not results in a strangely appealing aesthetic. Alita looks fairly “normal” for having robotic limbs and having eyes somewhat large for her face, like a manga/anime girl.
While the CGI work, courtesy of “Lord of the Rings” veteran effects company Weta Digital from New Zealand, does some fine work in creating the appearance of Alita, that would likely fall apart if the actress in the role could not quite live up to the complexity. Thankfully Rosa Salazar delivers a curious performance that melds with the pseudo-realism of her character, at times sounding of childlike innocence one moment, then mature professionalism the next, and somewhere in between too.
With regards to the rest of the cast, Christoph Waltz as Alita’s guardian and parental figure Dr. Dyson Ido is an interesting take considering his original manga version was younger and Japanese (Daisuke Ido). Accusations of whitewashing similar to what happened to Paramount’s “Ghost in the Shell” is somewhat alleviated by the reworking of his backstory and relation to the cyborg girl he found in a dump, and he comes across as a great supporting character for Alita for it.
While Dr. Ido tries to keep Alita sheltered from the dangers of post-apocalyptic Iron City, she is inspired to explore her surroundings further by an outside acquaintance, handyman Hugo (Keean Johnson). He introduces her to a popular sport, and shares his dream of moving to Zalem. But trouble breaks out when Alita learns of Ido’s double life as a bounty hunter for cyborg criminals. In the meantime she catches the interest of corrupt business mogul Vector (Mahershala Ali), who through his tech aide Chiren (Jennifer Connely) tries to figure out what secrets lies underneath Alita’s circuitry and instinctual combat mastery.
In between quiet scenes of introspection and discovery, Cameron and Rodriguez put intense action and battle sequences that harken both to “Avatar” and other live-action anime adaptations on both sides of the Pacific. That much is expected given the source material, and only those disinclined towards the action genre will not be entertained by it.
If there is any prominent flaw in the whole package of “Alita: Battle Angel,” it is that it was never going to tell the whole story of the manga, and therefore ends with unfinished plotlines and a blatantly telegraphed sequel hook. Granted, the producers have pretty much expressed their intentions to make more movies with “Alita,” as if to make up for the long time it took to actually make this first one.
More critical viewers may say that Alita’s incredible SFX only compensate for a convoluted plot, but there is enough meat in the story to invest cyberpunk fans now, and condition them for follow-up films in the future. And for what it is worth, the original manga author Yukito Kishiro loves the finished product enough to make some sweet promotional artwork for it.
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While general fans of the superhero genre, particularly of Marvel characters, are more aware of the movie versions seen in Marvel Studios’ MCU franchise, more dedicated followers would have gone and actually bought, in print or digital format, the medium that tells the original take on Earth’s mightiest heroes: Marvel Comics. Even as the Cinematic Universe goes and adapts storylines from the original comic books that have long since been printed, all-new plot arcs and adventures continue to be told in pages that are published regularly at varying points of a month throughout the year.
And as The Manila Bulletin puts it, Filipino fans of the Marvel brand may have something to look forward to in the most current storylines being told on the comic books that started them all. A Marvel event arc called “War of the Realms” running a mini series of six issues plus assorted tie-is to ongoing Marvel titles, will soon introduce a new superhero character named Wave, who according to the official Marvel website, is a Filipina. This is the first significant character from the Philippines that will be introduced as a costumed hero in Marvel Comics, though Filipino artists have worked for Marvel in the past and helped create several characters during their tenure.
Not much is known about Wave other than her gender and ethnicity. It is not yet known what her powers are, how she got them, and what her character background is. All that has been revealed by Marvel editor is that Wave and fellow new Marvel heroes Sword Master and Aero are the latest members of the comic-book super team the Agents of Atlas, and that they will appear in the initial issue of the “War of the Realms” series.
Marvel War of the Realms
The saga sees Earth being threatened by a new menace from the Asgardian realms from which Thor hails from: the Queen of Cinders. She starts her conquest in Asia, which explains why Asian and Asian-American Marvel heroes like Amadeus Cho, Jimmy Woo, Shang-Chi, and Silk team up with the regions local super-people: China’s Aero and Sword Master, and the Philippines’ Wave, plus other personages like Io, Crescent and Luna Snow.
And they will not be the only ones involved according to Will Moss, who adds, “War of the Realms is this big, big Marvel universe story involving all the heroes from the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Wolverine, the whole line.” Titles tying in to the miniseries include “Avengers”, “Tony Stark: Iron Man”, “Thor”, “Venom”, “Punisher”, “X-Men” and so much more. Marvel’s “The War of the Realms” will be released in comic stores and online this month, while the MCU films start with “Captain Marvel” March.
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“Rehabilitation” has been a significant ecological watchword in the Philippines these days, as the government flexed its political muscles in spurring communities, with the help of volunteer organizations, to begin cleanup efforts of the country’s environment, particularly in tourist destinations and major cities. Nobody can forget the titanic rehab operation for Boracay last year that lasted several months and shut down business there for the duration. The recent undertaking for Manila Bay is just as impressive in itself. Now, officials of the pertinent government agencies have decided on their next major location to clean up: the country’s mountaintop summer capital.
CNN Philippines reports that the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources is taking steps to begin a large-scale rehabilitation measure for Baguio City. This Sunday, February 17, DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu announced that he has deployed a team of environmentalists to commence a study of Baguio’s natural ecosystem, in particular its famous surrounding forest of pine trees. Cimatu expressed concern over a trend that the city’s pine tree population has steadily begun to decline in recent times. “Because Baguio is pine trees and pine trees are Baguio,” he explained. “Before, people have said when you climb Baguio it smells of pine trees, now that is no longer the case because they have fewer leaves.”
Undersecretary Benny Antiporda adds that the DENR fact-finding team will perform a count of pine trees in the vicinity of Baguio to ascertain any rate of decrease in their density, and to determine the necessity and degree of replanting needed. “That is the main objective,” he said. “We will also look into the possibility of a natural cause to why the pine trees are dying. We will study that too.” This was in response to the alarm raised by agriculturists in the Baguio area who have noticed a dying-off of pine trees two years ago.
While the ongoing Manila Bay rehabilitation may not have implemented any serious restrictions beyond trying to keep people from swimming in the waters, many Filipinos still remember the near-complete shutdown performed on Boracay island for six months in 2017, and are concerned if the famously cool summer destination would be closed as well, U-Sec Antiporda made assurances that it may not be necessary in Baguio.
Secretary Cimatu made proposals in the vein of increased restriction on building construction around Baguio’s sloping ground, where the pine tree growths are normally concentrated, as well as suspending some ongoing building permits. Such measures have been met with approval by the Baguio City government.
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Last week, the 12 mysteriously covered and concealed contestants of Fox’s hilariously fun new reality singing competition “The Masked Singer” was finally whittled down to half. That one saw the exit of veteran talk show host Ricki Lake, who was costumed as “Raven” for the show. This week is the last regular showdown episode of the contest before it heads into serious territory with the semi-finals next week. By now, the initially far-out guesses of the in-show panel, stage/TV audiences and social media have been honed to make sharp deductions on the remaining singers’ identities. The seventh eliminated singer for instance, was correctly named online.
The Hollywood Reporter has it that the latest contestant to be unmasked in “The Masked Singer” last Wednesday, February 13, was none other than singer and famous family member La Toya Jackson. She was incognito as the competitor “Alien,” and her last appearance on the show – performances and everything else – was apparently an easy guess for home viewers this time. Alien had been pitted against Rabbit, Monster, Bee, Peacock and Lion, and her rendition of “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King got chosen by the studio audience and show panel of Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke to be the weakest performance.
In her post-show interview with the Reporter, Jackson revealed that she had been a hesitant contestant for “The Masked Singer” but ultimately decided to go through with it for the unique experience. She also shared a few of the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the competition, such as how the contestants pick their songs (the producers ask for their song list to have them cleared for possible performance, with the singers having free pick on what they will perform for the episode).
Jackson was impressed at the measures used to conceal identities between the contestants and staff, though she felt the mandatory clue showcases tripped her over, as evidenced by the Twitter storms deducing her as the Alien that flooded her page. With her time in the show over, she has expressed interest at going through it again if given the chance.
And she just might. “The Masked Singer” was so good with its quirky premise attracting viewers and revitalizing the reality singing competition TV genre, that Fox went ahead and cleared it for a new season. In the meantime, the show is now going into the semis on February 20. Here, two masked singers will be unmasked, leaving only three to go head to head to head in the show finale.
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