Wednesday, January 2, 2019

SAMSUNG Reportedly Making an “ENTRY-LEVEL” GALAXY HOME Smart Speaker Variant

In this day and age when the smart home is starting to become a new normal, tech manufacturers have been tripping over themselves in order to develop online smart speakers for use in homes. While some companies like Amazon, Apple and Google already have their devices out in the market, other brands are trying to catch up, like Korean electronics giant Samsung. Back in August of 2018, they first unveiled their plans to introduce a smart speaker of their own. While that has yet to materialize, now Samsung has intimated that they are also working on another, more affordable device.
The Verge has it that Samsung is also working on an entry-level variant of their yet-to-release Galaxy Home smart speaker. This development was shared publicly by an anonymous inside source. Like the first announced Samsung speaker, the affordable version will also be powered by the Samsung smart assistant Bixby, first introduced in Samsung’s more recent Galaxy smartphones. With regards to the possible specs of this device, with the model number SM-V310, it is likely to dial down on the default features of the Galaxy Home device (SM-V510), which includes six loudspeakers plus subwoofer, eight microphones and Bixby 2.0 smart assistant.
Samsung’s initial reveal of their Galaxy Home smart speaker last year showed a mostly-black device shaped like a bud, and supported by silver-metallic tripod legs. About the only physical description of the proposed SM-V310 device was that it will also be colored black, though a common design aesthetic may help in establishing the Galaxy Home product line. While the full-version speaker is being touted as a competitor with the $349 Apple HomePod, the SM-V310 and its entry-level pricing may find rivals in the more affordable Assistant-powered Google Homes and Alexa-powered Amazon Echoes, both of which hover around the $200 range.
According to SAMMobile, the most probable time that Samsung may debut both Galaxy Home and the SM-V310 in the flesh would be in this year’s Consumer Electronics Showcase, the better to tap into the US market which has long been fertile grounds for Samsung products. It is also hoped that putting Bixby 2.0 on a home smart speaker will enable it to do more helpful online functions than it does at present on Galaxy phones.
Image courtesy of Business Insider


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