Wednesday, January 9, 2019


The recent 76th Golden Globe awards by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been made notable by some of the nominated films and TV shows, more so with some of the chosen winners. Unexpected but undeniable movie blockbusters like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spdier-Verse” snagged some of the awards, while on the television side the absence of certain long-running shows led to some uncommon wins. One of the awardees in particular is British actor Richard Madden for the BBC drama “Bodyguard”. After three years as Robb Stark on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, his Golden Globe for another role definitely established his acting credentials.
One big draw for Richard Madden as an actor would be just how approachable he is outside of work. He accepted his Golden Globe for Best Drama Actor – TV on January 6 with a heartwarming speech thanking his parents for their support. “I wouldn’t be here without you,” he had said according to BBC. In an interview with E! News after the fact, he revealed that he was persuaded to write an acceptance speech by his father, despite his prediction that he will not win the category; among his fellow nominees included Jason Bateman for “Ozark” and Matthew Rhys for “The Americans” which won Best TV Drama. Madden was glad he did, delivering his speech to his parents in the audience at the Beverly Hilton.
“Bodyguard” starred Madden as haunted war veteran turned government protection officer, who gets involved personally and romantically with his charge the ambitious Conservative Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). The chemistry between the two during the show’s run was so intense that rumors have sprung that Madden was being considered for the role of James Bond. The 32-year-old actor has denied being scouted as such, though his old drama professor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland believes he will fit right in with the character.
Born in Glasgow and growing up in Scotland, Richard Madden was, in his own admission, an overweight child who was a magnet for bullying. Things started turning around for him upon entering the Royal Conservatoire, where he learned the ropes of theatre acting, which eventually led to TV roles as well. By the time of “Game of Thrones” and afterward, Madden was an accomplished star and heartthrob appearing on magazine covers. His parents have been supportive of his career so far, even if they were embarrassed by his characters engaging in sex scenes on TV as he tells Ellen DeGeneres on her syndicated talk show.
According to Cinema Blend, while his leading lady was killed in “Bodyguard” Madden reveals that BBC is discussing a follow-up season premiering a year or so from now. In his own words, his character of David Budd would “need a break” before the story picks up again. The show was also on running for the 76th Golden Globes’ Best TV Drama, only to lose to FX’s spy drama “The Americans”.
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