Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Back when this month was still a few days old, a notoriously accurate smartphone leaker showed what may well be the earliest images of the latest Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S10. What was initially an edited image with a blurred-out icon screen was eventually confirmed the following week when the South Korean electronics giant announced a live event scheduled for February, punctuated by a promo poster showing the number 10. There can be no coincidence there. Anyway, over a week after the Samsung announcement, tech reporter and veteran spoiler Evan Blass strikes again, with images intimating that the Galaxy S10 will have three possible variants.
Tech Crunch has it that Evan Blass has just gone and posted a new leaked image on his Twitter page of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. Well, to be specific, he posted an image of three types of Galaxy S10s, variants to one another. From the shared photo below, the basic Samsung Galaxy S10 is in the middle; to its right is the larger S10+ phablet, and at left is the S10E. This three-variant product release is similar to the model implemented by Apple when they introduced the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.
And just like with the new Apple iPhones, the third Galaxy S10 variant the S10 is touted as the entry-level version: slightly less powerful than the baseline S10 but at a more affordable price range. From a cursory glance at the image above, the S10 variants have in common the loss of the once-familiar top-edge notch where the “selfie” front cam normally is. Now it is located in a hole-punch to the upper right of the display. The fingerprint sensor is apparently on the screen this time. Speaking of front cams, the Galaxy S10+ has two lenses; and while this and the regular S10 have three rear cam lenses the S10E version only has two. Also, it might only have an LCD screen rather than the more pricy AMOLED display.
With this new leak by Evan Blass, there seems to be not much left to reveal at their February live event about the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone line other than their internal components. Still, maybe the Korean company still has a few surprises left for their loyal Galaxy users on the 27th of next month. Even if it is only another preview of their folding-screen smartphone prototype, it will dazzle along with the Galaxy S10s.
Image courtesy of 9to5 Google


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