Tuesday, January 15, 2019


There was a time, when digital online streaming of media was still something of an innovative novelty, when streaming platform services served as a cornucopia of some old and new films and TV series from different studios and producers that could be watched at any time and any amount thanks to not being tied down by network schedules. This arrangement started falling apart when major media brands like Disney and Warner Bros. began removing their content from general streaming providers like Netflix, to quickly populate their new exclusive-access streaming platforms. To this current development we say: here comes another one.
According to The Verge, even NBCUniversal is jumping into the own-works exclusive media streaming bandwagon. The network stated on Monday, January 14, that they plan for their platform to officially launch in 2020, about a year after the launch of Disney+, one of the most anticipated exclusive streaming services yet to be announced. The NBCUniversal platform will come in two variants: one will be a free app supported by ads that will be available to NBC TV subscribers in the US and internationally on Sky and Comcast Cable; the other is a premium ad-free version priced at P12.99 for subscription.
To the streaming libraries of Disney and Warner, NBCUniversal’s own offerings from the big and small screens will be nothing to sneeze at either, with hits shows like “The Good Place” and “30 Rock” and plenty of movies standing a chance to be put up on the platform a year or so from now. A bit unlike the House of Mouse however, this network will not be hogging everything it created to its own exclusive service. Its statement goes, “NBCUniversal will continue to license content to other studios and platforms, while retaining rights to certain titles for its new service.”
In the meantime, NBCUniversal continues to retain its 30 percent stake in Hulu, one of those general media streaming platforms that many studios and networks shared in for content before the trend of splitting off and starting their own started. Despite analysts predicting in 2018 that NBCUniversal may eventually give its share to Disney for instance, the network’s parent company Comcast only strengthened its ties to Hulu by adding, to its board of directors, three NBC executives. As for Disney’s increasing majority in the streaming service, it has broached the idea of taking Hulu truly international, but only if they have total control over them.
It is expected that more information about NBCUniversal’s streaming service may be revealed soon, once the network performs its investors’ call next week, January 23.
Image courtesy of NBC News


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