Tuesday, January 15, 2019


It is said that in this day and age, with so many world records being fixed as either a constant or as statistics that are increasingly passing natural limitations, the “new records” being set now tend to range from being esoteric to outright weird. For instance, in February of 2018 Kylie Jenner posted a photo of her newborn baby on Instagram. That entry would reach 18 million likes on that image and video-sharing social network service, the most-liked on that platform as confirmed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Less than a day later, the record was abruptly broken by…an egg, of all things.
As Guinness World Records relates, the seemingly joke Instagram account world_record_egg, established only on January 5 this year, managed to get its only post, the photo of a brown egg, to become the most-liked picture on that social media platform. The photo caption frankly described its intention to get as many Instagram likes as can be gotten to beat the standing record of 18 million likes for Kylie Jenner’s baby picture. As of almost a week and a half later, the audacious account managed to snag 39 million likes, and also has 1.7 guest comments.

With social media meme watchers currently spinning their heads over how that feat just happened, the world_record_egg Instagram account is reveling in its triumph, now adding the descriptor of “official world record holders” on its profile section. And indeed, Guinness has thusly updated its record page for “Most Liked Image on Instagram”, which was originally set in 2014 by Will Smith and Justin Bieber (1.5 million likes) and then broken five times since, including by the world_record_egg. This also is illustrative of the seemingly frivolous trend of subject themes when it comes to Guinness World Records in the 21st Century.
The unknown creator of world_record_egg later commented on the achievement at Instagram Stories, writing: “This is madness. What a time to be alive. Thank you so much for all of your support and messages. I’m gonna try and get back to as many of you as possible. But for now I need to sleep. It doesn’t end here though, we’re only just getting started. #EggGang Mic drop.” Kylie Jenner, being a humorously good sport, replied to the egg poster’s feat by revisiting an old video of hers trying to fry an egg on hot tarmac, captioned “Take that little egg.”

Image courtesy of ABC News


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