Friday, January 11, 2019


The time of Marvel’s MCU streaming series, produced in collaboration with global streaming giant Netflix, may already be coming to an end, following the cancellation of so many of its shows even as Disney gears up to launch its own exclusive content platform Disney+. But not all of the MCU spinoffs have said goodbye. At least two more shows are still untouched by Netflix, “Jessica Jones” and “The Punisher”. Of the two, the latter has not only wrapped up production of a second season, said season will be premiering on Netflix next week. And now a trailer has been released.
Polygon has it that Netflix on Thursday, January 10, uploaded the first big preview for the second season of “The Punisher”, one of what has been a solid stable of Marvel streaming series set in the MCU franchise that the streaming platform used to carry before its cancellation spree. It establishes what the current status quo will be for ex-Marine turned vigilante Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), following the events of the first season and his delving into the deeper conspiracy that killed his family. The trailer also highlights his new companion played by Giorgia Whigham, as well as his next enemies, both new and returning.
“The Punisher” season 2 apparently pick up not long after the end of season 1. Castle (Bernthal) finds himself in some life-threatening trouble again when he attempts to rescue a woman being harassed in a roadhouse and it leads to a slaughter. Now he and the woman, Amy Bendix (Whigham) must go cross-country to avoid a posse of violent bounty hunters, among them Castle’s treacherous ex-Marine teammate Billy Russo (Ben Barnes), who has been disfigured by Castle in the climax of season 1 and is out for vengeance as the facially-scarred Jigsaw. He is aided by mysterious “Alt-Right” Christian fundamentalist mastermind John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart), who pursues Bendix and Castle.
Footage of what is in store for season 2 appears to affirm that this follow-up story arc for “The Punisher” will be just as intense as the first. Unfortunately once this series runs through, there is a possibility that Netflix will follow it up with a cancellation. The same may go for “Jessica Jones” once its own fourth season arrives. With Disney+ streaming now at the horizon, with its own MCU spinoff series, Netflix is apparently no longer in the mood to promote a competitor.
Marvel’s “The Punisher” season 2 will premiere on Netflix this coming January 18. Only the near future can tell what will happen after it concludes.
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