Thursday, January 10, 2019

LEXAR Releases FIRST Commercially-Available SD CARD with 1 TERABYTE STORAGE

Stories of comebacks are almost tailor-made to be inspiring regardless of who, or what, is doing it. In 1996 a division of Cirrus Logic split off to make its own way in the digital market as Lexar, one of the eventual big names in the flash memory storage scene. It was acquired by Micron in 2006, dropped by the same in 2017. After being picked up in turn by China-based Longsys, Lexar made its comeback in 2018 with some new flash storage media. That should have ended the comeback story, but this new development seems better: the biggest capacity flash drive ever, manufactured by Lexar.
According to The Verge, Lexar has pushed the limits of digital storage with their latest product, an SD memory card. Just how revolutionary is this new medium? It has the astounding capacity of one terabyte; you read right: a 1TB SD memory card. One would think only hard disks can go that far. And what is more, it is commercially available, one that can be purchased. Rival flash memory manufacturer SanDisk may have reached the goal first with a 1TB card in 2017, but it was a prototype not ready for mass production. Lexar beat them to the punch there.
The 1TB memory card is part of Lexar’s Professional 633x series, which cover SDHC and SDXC UHS-I flash storage. Their capacities run from 16GB up to that magic terabyte, the latter having impressive speeds in reading (95MB/s) and writing (70MB/s). Sustained performance is only at 30MB/s due to a V30/U3. The TB SD card was first announced last year in the 2018 Photokina trade fair held at Cologne, Germany. This monster of a memory flash card would be a prime catch for those with a lot of content or media to store. But as is the case with these things, there is a catch: pricing.
Anyone who wants a Lexar Professional 633x 1TB SD memory card will have to be ready to pay a good sum. They are asking for $499.99 on that magic terabyte SD, which is a lot more than what one would pay for two Lexar 512GB cards, which would technically hold 24 GB more. Some retailers carrying Lexar products offer just $150 for a 512GB, so two of them would only amount to $300 ($199.99 less than the 1TB price tag). For now, only dedicated content creators would be the primary consumers of this memory card.
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