Friday, January 4, 2019

LEAKED Image of Upcoming SAMSUNG S10 Revealed by Veteran Device Leaker

With the start of the New Year, electronics users have better keep their eyes and ears peeled for new regarding new versions of whatever devices they are using now, like smartphones. In the case of Korean manufacturer Samsung, one might recall that their latest Galaxy phone the S9 debuted in March of last year, so now is a good time to start teasing its successor. For those who think the next model will be the folding phone-tablet shown in 2018. Apparently it is not, if the latest leaks from the greatest Samsung device leaker on social media are indeed true.
According to Tech Crunch the first alleged images have been shared online by tech reporter Evan Blass, the notorious EVLeaks who has built up a nice track record at leaking new smartphone images in past years that turn out to be just as expected upon release. His latest exposé is on the Samsung Galaxy S10, a blurred out image of which he has posted on Twitter just this Friday, January 4. The EVLeaks, well, leak comes about two months before the projected earliest time in 2019 for an official first preview of the Galaxy S10, at the Mobile World Congress.
From what can be seen in the leaked photo, strategically blurred in places, there are some new changes in the front display that would interest owners of the Galaxy S line, particularly the S9. One might recall that that model still retains the top notch wherein the receiver and the front-facing camera are located. This has been omitted in the S10, with only the receiver line at the topmost edge and the camera lens relegated to a hole-cutout on the screen. This convention has been noticed to be trending for 2019 smartphone models; Chinese manufacturer Huawei already did so with their Nova 4 late 2018.
Evan Blass captioned the S10 photo with what is believed to be the device’s working title, “Beyond 1”. A little deductive reasoning would imply that a “Beyond 2” may well be the expected S+ phablet variant. If a “Beyond 0” also comes up later on, it may be construed as a new “entry-level” budget sub-model like Apple’s recent iPhone XR. Speculated technical specs for the Galaxy S10 include a new processor, improved cameras and in-display fingerprint sensors. There is also the possibility that it could perform wireless charging for any connected Samsung-compatible wearables like handsets and so much more, similar to Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro.
With all that said, we really will not learn anything more concrete from this leak by EVLeaks until an official presentation by Samsung takes place at any time this 2019.
Image courtesy of CNET


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