Thursday, January 10, 2019


Wednesday has come and gone, and with it the second episode of a new and very unusual singing competition now airing weekly on Fox. Based on a similar-themed reality show from South Korea, “The Masked Singer” is exactly as described, a starting dozen celebrities in fully-concealing costumes and masks singing before a panel of judges, one singer a week being eliminated (and unmasked) until one remains. Viewers have already seen the mechanics of this show in action last week, when the NFL’s Antonio Brown was revealed under the “Hippo” alias. Now, who else will be found having participated in this?
USA Today has the nitty gritty on what went on in Episode 2 of “The Masked Singer” on Fox, entitled “New Masks on the Block”. And that is true; while there are a total of 12 masked celebrity participants, only six of them competed on the opening salvo January 2. And their costumes were just as out of this world as the first half (one of them literally). Host Nick Cannon, Judges Jenny McCarthy, robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong, and the studio audience were entertained by an eclectic selection of contestants: Rabbit, Alien, Raven, Pineapple, Bee and Poodle.
As with the premiere episode, one of the extra bits with “The Masked Singer” are the contestant interviews where they drop hints on their true identities for the viewers. The Judges and audience have to rely more on their performances themselves, though as it turns out the panel seems to have improved their speculative guesswork on the masked singers’ IDs.
Stats-wise, let us look at the second batch of contestants: Four female (Alien, Raven, Poodle and Bee) and two male (Rabbit and Pineapple); two have identified themselves as coming from “musical families (Alien and Poodle); Rabbit claims to be a former band member while Bee is apparently a 1950s singer ready to perform for a new generation; Raven is a TV “talker” who had recently lost a loved one; and Pineapple is a survivor of a life-threatening disease with the air of a professional comedian.
Here is where the improved guessing game of the judges comes into play. Spoilers ahead: Jenny hit the nail right in the head – technically – regarding who was hiding behind Pineapple’s mask by naming a popular comedy duo from decades past. After Rabbit, Raven and Bee passed, Pineapple was left behind when the judges saved Alien and Poodle, thus unmasking himself as comedian Tommy Chong, of Cheech (Marin) and Chong fame.
Now, ten Masked Singers are left. One more will go when the show returns Wednesday next week only on Fox.
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