Wednesday, January 9, 2019


For tourists from all over who like to travel to the world’s major theme parks, going to either Disneyland Resort in California or Walt Disney World in Florida is becoming a question on whether or not to go there now, or wait until perhaps their latest expansion land is completed and opened a few years from now. Said expansion is based on the epic space opera franchise “Star Wars”. While the so-called “Galaxy’s Edge” area has not been finished yet, it is already having an effect on the rest of Disneyland; as in, it is causing ticket prices to rise.
Entertainment Weekly has it that tickets to Disneyland have been significantly hiked by the theme park, ahead of the impending opening of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge expansion area. To drive this home, a single-day Disneyland ticket is now around $104, the first time in the park’s history that it got to a triple-digit price. In Disney World, which will also have its own Galaxy’s Edge set to open after the California version does, the same ticket would be at $109. And that is for a low-demand day with few people. Furthermore, even parking fees have gone up to $25.
This development is a big burn in the pockets of guests planning a trip to either of these two Disney theme parks. Prices for tickets and parking already increased somewhat in 2018, but the new almost right out of the gate in 2019 has caught customers off-guard and caused a stir in the media. The increases after all range from 7 percent to 25, such as the Premier Pass (parking, all-park access and no block-out dates) costing a hefty $1,949 per head (23% increase from last year). And the causes can all be traced, again, to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
Analysts posit that Disneyland Resort and Disney World are both anticipating and exploiting the ever-increasing interest of fans and guests for the new “Star Wars” expansion area, covering 14 hectares and boasting an immersive experience where the cast members are fully in character as is the visitors. Attractions include a Resistance-First Order mock battle and a simulator for families to fly the Millennium Falcon spaceship. A Disneyland representative issued a vague statement regarding the ticket hike that amounts to meeting guest needs for varied price offerings, improved management of ticket demand, and a better experience than before. None of these reasons explain much, other than prospective guests really need to save up ahead of Galaxy’s Edge opening this summer of 2019 in California and fall the same year in Florida.
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