Monday, January 14, 2019

BAMBOO GARDEN HOTEL: Make Your Special Event a Bali Party


Looking for a place in GenSan to hold your special celebration can be quite the task. Many of the events places you can find available in the city tend to be indoor banquet halls to cut off the urban bustle outside. Almost all of them tend to come across as stuffy buffet services like one might expect from a restaurant. Have you ever wanted to make your party an outdoor event? Would you like it far enough from the city noise but still accessible? How about having hotel rooms to doze in overnight when your event is over and the guests have gone? There is such a place for you.
It is none other than the Bamboo Garden Hotel. Located just along the main road of Barangay Conel in GenSan, it takes pride in being the first prominent Bali-inspired resort hotel in the city. But its primary claim to fame is in being one of the hottest and most sought-after party venues in GenSan today. With its walled and gardened area with shade trees, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen setup and bar, plus its five twin-bed hotel rooms and KTV room, Bamboo Garden Hotel is private, picturesque, fun, and definitely affordable.
With a maximum guest capacity of 50, you cannot find any other venue for a more intimate setting for whatever celebration one can have in mind: birthday partiesanniversaries, office team-building and so on. Surrounded in the Bali-inspired aesthetics of the Bamboo Garden Hotel, one can feel like they are indeed away from the crowds. They need not worry about catering costs either, as the hotel has its own catering services with rates added to whatever venue package guests might want to avail of. And with no corkage, they can bring their own food and even cook them on site.
Bamboo Garden Hotel might primarily be an outdoor events place, but it also does have the amenities of a quaint little hotel. Each room has a double-bed, its own bathroom, and an LED TV preloaded with a library of HD movies. The KTV room is no slouch either, with great acoustics inside and soundproofed enough to not bother what is happening outside. The pool is also a great draw especially for child guests, thanks to its all-accessible depth. Packages also include simple table setups and collapsible shades in case of rain. Guests are free to appropriately decorate the place themselves.
There are four packages available for the Bamboo Garden Hotel, depending on whether guests want to avail of in-house catering, and the max number of people. Venue-only for 30 pax is P7,500; 50 pax for P9,500. Venue with food is P14,500 (30 pax) and P18,500 (50 pax). Do note that the guest count is enforced to optimize elbow room and control noise level. The KTV room is open until midnight, while noise reduction is requested by 10PM. Catering options include a choice of two viands, 1 vegetable dish, 1 dessert item, rice and soft-drinks enough to cover maximum guest count.
For more details, and for inquiries on booking and reservations, you may visit the official Bamboo Garden Hotel website and Facebook page. They can be contacted by mobile at 0939-929- 1067. Generals and guests from all over can enjoy party night in Bali, in Gensan, with friends at the Bamboo Garden Hotel and Events Place.


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