Monday, January 7, 2019


Anyone old enough to use tech in this day and age would know full well the mobile OS competition for users between iOS from Apple and the open-source Android used by more manufacturers. Among the companies that rely on Android for their mobile devices is Samsung from South Korea, which is also better known for appliances and many other electronics in general. Among their current lineup of products is their range of internet-capable television sets, and a recent announcement by Samsung of a new support feature poses some interesting thoughts regarding their Android use and a media app from Apple.
The Verge has it that Samsung has begun updating their smart TVs made from 2018-19 to include an app for Apple iTunes. This development was announced by Samsung on their online newsroom, with the upcoming 2019 Samsung TVs having iTunes by default while the 2018 versions can have their firmware updated. This will be facilitated by a new app for iTunes Movies and TV Shows for over 100 countries where Samsung smart TVs are available. In addition, the updates will include support for the Apple wireless streaming standard, AirPlay 2.
It is known that Apple has long allowed Microsoft Windows OS’s to be able to install and run their iTunes apps to access their expansive media library. This new arrangement with Samsung is the first new Apple-access since Windows, and that is rather remarkable considering that the Korean electronics giant produces one of the most popular Android smartphones in the form of the Galaxy S-series. Apple also explains to The Verge that their Samsung-use iTunes app is so designed as to prevent ad-tracking from keeping tabs on viewer usage. In a way it is a demonstration of Apple’s newly spotlighted privacy focus as they have showcased on the currently ongoing Consumer Electronics Show this week.
“We look forward to bringing the iTunes and AirPlay 2 experience to even more customers around the world through Samsung Smart TVs, so iPhone, iPad and Mac users have yet another way to enjoy all their favorite content on the biggest screen in their home,” remarks Eddy Cue, Senior VP of Internet Software and Services for Apple. From this, it can be discerned that Apple is also making their online services distinct from their exclusive apps and devices by allowing more third parties to access them on their own platforms without needing iOS and such.
Samsung Electronics Executive VP (Service Business of Visual Display) Won-Jin Lee is proud of having another content service from top providers available for their smart TVs, adding, “Bringing more content, value and open platform functionality to Samsung TV owners and Apple customers through iTunes and AirPlay is ideal for everyone.”
Image courtesy of Samsung Newsroom


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