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Way back in 1988, 20th Century Fox premiered an action film starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman, about a hostage situation in a Los Angeles skyscraper during the Holiday season gets frustrated by an unexpected guest, a gung-ho NYPD detective trying to reconcile with his estranged wife, one of the hostages. This movie was the beginning of a multi-film action franchise – “Die Hard” – that codified the “lone hero vs. terrorist mastermind and gang” plot of many movies that followed. Despite its midyear release the studio also hyped the first “Die Hard” as a Christmas movie. On the movie’s 30th Anniversary, Fox released a recut trailer to reinforce that Holiday distinction.
The Hollywood Reporter has it that 20th Century Fox edited one of the original trailers for the “Die Hard” film in 1988, presenting it in one and a half minutes with a chipper voiceover and Christmas tune instrumentals. The trailer happily narrates the story of John McClane, a New York cop with a penchant for violence and who enforces the law with disproportionate brutality to criminals. Visiting his company executive wife during a Christmas party, he finds himself having to foil a hostage-taking by German terrorist Hans Gruber, armed with only his sardonic wits and whatever weapons he picks up.
The “debate” regarding the status of “Die Hard” as a Christmas movie (holiday-themed but premiering in July of the year) has been ongoing over the past decades. Fox had already informally described it as such, though Bruce Willis terms it only as “a Bruce Willis movie”. But audiences seem to agree with the studio’s jesting opinion, if the statistics from StreamingObserver telling how “Die Hard” is the most-searched film for streaming during Christmas on four US states – Washington, Missouri, Wisconsin and Virginia – Is any indication.
In addition to the good-humored “Christmas movie” re-trailer of the original “Die Hard”, it and its four sequels are also part of the 4K digital media package that is the “Die Hard Collection”, which is also out during the Holidays.
“Die Hard” is often considered to be the film that cemented Bruce Willis’ reputation as a 1980s to early 90s action hero, and Hans Gruber was considered to be the most memorable role of the late British actor Alan Rickman, before the land the part of Professor Severus Snape in the “Harry Potter” film series. Please enjoy the recut trailer of this action classic here.
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