Saturday, November 3, 2018


When Nintendo started the ball rolling for reintroducing retro gaming consoles in 2016 with their NES Classic Edition Mini, they could not offer much in the way of alternatives regarding the device’s “dedicated” nature, being able to play only a preloaded library of 20 game titles and nothing else. The best “help” they could offer gamers who wanted more was a special-edition variant NES Classic that contained only NES games based on manga from Shonen Jump. The same situation applies to the follow-up SNES Classic, and the more upcoming Sega Genesis Mini. Sony too will only have 20 games in its soon-to-release PlayStation Classic, and they are revealing them now.
As USA Today tells us, Sony has finally filled out its library of 20 titles that will be included in the PlayStation Classic, their very own dedicated retro-console to catch some of the lightning their longtime rival Nintendo put in their own bottle with their NES and SNES Classics. When first announced in September, Sony already gave five iconic games for the original console that will go into its remake: RPGs “Final Fantasy VII” and “Wild Arms”, platformer “Jumping Flash”, racing game “Ridge Racer Type 4”, and fighter “Tekken 3”.
Now a promotional image Sony put online reveals the remaining 15 on the PlayStation Classic library: more racers like “Cool Boarders” and “Destruction Derby”; more fighters in “Battle Arena Toshinden” and “Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo”; more platform titles like “Rayman”, “Mr. Driller” and “Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee”; a third RPG in “Revelations: Persona”; puzzle game “Intelligent Cube”; combat-racer “Twisted Metal”; action-adventure titles “Grand Theft Auto”, “Metal Gear Solid” “Resident Evil – Director’s Cut” and “Syphon Filter”, and first-person shooter “Rainbow Six”. Like with Nintendo, Sony offers no way to change load-outs.
While a solid majority of the games for the PlayStation Classic are indeed seminal titles with legendary receptions in the past, there really are just so many other games for the console that fans on social media felt were unreasonably “snubbed”. Among the alternatives posited by unsatisfied Sony gamers are platformer “Spyro the Dragon”, trick-skateboarding pioneer “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater”, and “real-driving” simulator “Gran Turismo”. While a lot it seems was left to be desired, the general mood still sees many happy purchases for when the PlayStation Classic, priced at $99.99, arrives sometime in December for the holiday shopping crowd.
The original Sony PlayStation was launched in the US on 1995 and during its production history sold some 102.4 million units, cementing its place as the fourth all-time best-selling console.
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