Thursday, November 22, 2018


Filipinos who were in the prime of their youth during the 1990s in the Philippines would be proud to claim that they listed, while growing up, to the awesome alternative tunes of the four-man rock band the Eraserheads. In particular, they may recall hearing from the underground music scene during the early part of that decade, the tunes that would comprise their debut studio album, titled in tribute to popular 1970s robot anime “Voltes V”. That album was officially released in 1993; now, half a century later, long-established fans and new inductees can once again listen to “Ultraelectromagneticpop!”, but better-quality.
CNN Philippines tells us that a re-mastered edition of the Eraserheads’ first album “Ultraelectromagneticpop!” is due to be released to a still-very appreciative audience going into the weekend. This was revealed in Tuesday, November 20, by the band’s front-man Ely Buendia on his Instagram page. He had posted a new take on the original album cover, now with “25th Anniversary” added under the name to signify the time that has passed from 1993 to 2018. He was joined on social media by band-mates Raimund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala, who posted photos of their Converse sneakers worn on their original album art, now worn with age.

American Audio engineer and Grammy winner Bernie Grundman was in charge of re-mastering the magnificent tunes of the Eraserheads in “Ultraelectromagneticpop!” which includes many familiar songs that have been part of many Filipinos’ lives in the nineties: “Ligaya”, “Tindahan ni Aling Nena”, and the one of the Pinoy teens’ anthems for that decade “Pare Ko”. “Relive the memories of this groundbreaking Filipino music milestone,” wrote Buendia on his Instagram photo caption, and where he and the rest of the Eraserheads are concerned, that would not be a difficult thing to do by their many fans.

The four then-youths who would become the Eraserheads – lead vocalist-rhythm guitarist Ely Buendia, lead guitarist Marcus Adoro, bassist Buddy Zabala, and drummer Raimund Marasigan – came together in UP Diliman on the last year of the 1980s. Starting with covers, they went on to popular original material that would later go into a series of albums for almost every year of the nineties, even managing international releases that earned them fame outside the Philippines, receiving awards including one from MTV.

Perhaps no Filipino is ignorant of their compositions, easily playing and singing lyrics from “Fruitcakes”, “Ang Huling El Bimbo” and more. Officially the band broke up in the 2000s and has only come together for reunion performances and tours since, but fans may be under the impression that nothing has changed.
“Ultraelectromagneticpop!” 25th Anniversary re-master will be released digitally on Spotify and other major music streaming platforms this Friday, November 23.
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