Friday, November 23, 2018

APPLE Resumes Making iPHONE X Due to LOW XS/Max/XR Sales

Last September, Apple made plain that their long and storied iPhone line of mobile devices will continue off from 2017’s iPhone X, when they announced its successors the iPhone XS (and XS Max phablet); a more entry-budget variant, the iPhone XR, arrived the following month. In doing this, they also cut short the production life of the original X, after just 10 months being the iPhone “anniversary” variant to the iPhone 8’s. Unfortunately for Apple, it seems their regular buyer-users do not see much need yet for an iPhone XS yet. This has led Apple to resume manufacturing the X.
The Verge reports that Apple has deemed it necessary to once again start making more of the first X-line iPhone following its discontinuation in September, due to the slow sales numbers of its successor XS, XS Max and XR models due to low demand. It had gotten so bad that Apple has slashed their production orders for the new iPhones. The XR variant in particular has been struggling despite its introduction as a budget option for consumers, due to their finding an even more affordable choice in the iPhone 8 instead, which is now priced lower and remains in stock.
One more factor in Apple’s decision to resume manufacture of the pioneer iPhone X was due to an agreement with one of its major parts suppliers, Korean electronics giant Samsung, in the purchase of a set number of OLED screens. With the curtailing of production for the OLED-equipped current-generation iPhone XS, Apple is instead looking to make use of its remaining OLED components in the iPhone X which used it as well. In addition, even the X’s less-than-a-year age is enough to cheapen the cost of its other parts and components, allowing Apple to perhaps recoup its XS low-demand losses.
An update on sales figures for the XR in overseas markets like Japan illustrates with sobriety just how the next-generation iPhone X’s were floundering for lack of buyers. Japanese phone carriers that offer the XR for instance, are now being offered subsidies by Apple so they could lower the prices more. Yet even so, Japanese iPhone regulars feel they can keep to their smartphone budget by relying on the still plentiful stocks of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus phablet.
Whether the reinvigorated iPhone X run will become available in as many countries as possible cannot be determined. What seems certain is that Apple will send the new manufactured units to resellers and mobile carriers rather than offer these on their own stores. For instance Amazon, recently authorized online retailer for Apple, has an iPhone X listing with a Simple Mobile plan, priced at $899.
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