Thursday, November 8, 2018

ANIME Adaptation of FILIPINO Graphic Novel “TRESE” Coming to NETFLIX

Netflix, the massive international streaming media platform, has dedicated significant effort into truly making their platform a global one. From offering options in foreign subtitles for streamed content, to developing foreign dubs of certain popular programs, the logical progression was that soon, Netflix will be carrying content produced by other nations, either existing movies and series or actual Netflix original content from them. The Philippines is no exception, with some of its studio and indie films having recently been uploaded to the Netflix streaming library. Next there will be an adaptation of a Filipino graphic novel, getting an anime adaptation.
CNN Philippines has it that Netflix has plans to release an anime adaptation of “Trese”, a popular urban fantasy graphic novel comic created by the writer-artist team of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldissimo. While described as “anime”, it will not be produced under a Japanese animation studio, but rather of a joint Indonesian-Singaporean collaboration, and using the familiar anime style. Heading the production will be show-runners Shanty Harmayn and Tanya Yuson from BASE Entertainment, with studios and offices in Jakarta and Singapore. This was announced by Netflix Thursday, November 8, at their “See What’s Next Asia” event, also in Singapore.
“Trese” is an interesting take on the mythology of magical and horror creatures from Philippine folklore such as the Aswang and Engkanto. The “komik” series is set in Manila, which has a hidden secret community of mythological beings in the metropolitan area’s criminal underworld, featuring Aswang kidnap-for-ransom gangs and Kapre criminal bosses. Its main character is the supernatural private detective Alexandra Trese, who gets called in by the normal police force to investigate crimes and occurrences in Manila that have a decidedly mythological element involved. The original graphic novels by Tan and Baldissimo ran 2005-2012 and filled 17 subdivided issues.
Netflix is heavily pushing its streaming platform as a new place to watch original quality anime and anime-inspired series and films over the past few years. It has carried an anime “Godzilla” film trilogy ahead of the 2019 cinema-release “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” from Legendary Pictures. Other productions in that vein debuting in the same period as “Trese” are anime series takes on existing Netflix live-action series “Altered Carbon” (based on the book by Richard K. Morgan) and of the Warner-Legendary giant-robot-versus-kaijuu film franchise “Pacific Rim”. No further details or release dates were revealed.
Other Philippine movies already uploaded for streaming on Netflix include “Heneral Luna”, “Buybust”, “Kitakita” and “Beauty and the Bestie”. Other films are expected to follow.
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