Tuesday, October 23, 2018


In this world when new models of existing smartphone lines are released year after year, with what seems like incremental improvements at most, it’s hard to be excited by added features. That is, perhaps, unless said new feature on an upcoming smartphone is so off the wall that it generates great hype. Samsung, one of the major manufacturers of smartphones using Apple iOS’ rival Android, looks ready to get people talking about their latest gadget. They did tease the device doing something mind-blowingly incredible. Now, they are setting the date for when this innovative smartphone design will be publicly unveiled.
According to The Verge, Samsung is getting ready to make its reveal of a smartphone that has a foldable touchscreen, enabling the device to double up like a billfold wallet. The Korean electronics giant went on social media last week to announce a developer conference for two days next month in San Francisco. The watchwords for the event are “Where Now Meets Next”, which hints that this will be a major tech upgrade like the company’s teased foldable touchscreen phone. They have been working on a prototype for than over the past few years. Perhaps the development has borne fruit.
This comes in line with a previous statement from DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung, who remarked on an interview with CBNCthat the rumored folding phone might arrive before the year is out. While no hardware has yet been shown around at the time, the upcoming developer’s con is looking to be the time when the company puts its money where its corporate mouth is. The minimal graphics work on their Twitter post – that of a white line that opens up into two connected at one end, and freezing into a right-angle arrow pointing at right – is a heavy-handed clue.
Samsung has not even given any name – final product or production code – to this device verging into rumor. The concept of the folding phone is that in its default folded mode, it is a smartphone around the size of the existing Samsung Galaxy line. But opening the gadget on one side like a book, and it reveals a larger folding touchscreen inside that transforms the phone into a small tablet. The wide range of applications for this feature is potentially many. Soon, many phone enthusiasts who have seen the Samsung concept video from 2014 will soon see if the dream been realized, on November 7-8.
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