Thursday, October 4, 2018

October UPDATE for WINDOWS 10, and MORE FEATURES to Come

In 2015, Microsoft released the latest major iteration of its most historically important product, the Windows series of computer operating systems. Windows 10 took the “universal app” concept from 2012’s Windows 8 and pushed it to even greater heights, adding new features like the Cortana personal assistant, a virtual desktop, the Edge internet browser and more. Another significant quirk is the reception of new Win-10 builds for free to existing users, as soon as they are available. Speaking of which, there is another big build update for the OS this October, a significant sampling of more features arriving in future.
The Verge has it that Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1809 was officially released on Tuesday, October 2. This comes at the news from Microsoft that their operating system was now in use on over 700 million devices of all types around the world, over three years since its initial release. Granted, it still falls a bit short of the company’s original confident goal of at least 1 billion computers which they predicted back in 2015, but the numbers were good enough that they could time this build update just right. Win-10 users can start checking their Windows Update for it.
As for what can be expected in Version 1809, Microsoft has some choice new additions for the Windows 10 experience. One feature of note is the new potential of the Windows Clipboard. Long used to copy and paste anything and everything from one place to another, the Win-10 Clipboard is now Cloud-powered, enabling content exchange between computers. Whether by “Cut” or “Copy”, any content transferred in such manner is saved in the Cloud for easy recall. New extensions have been made for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to let them access Windows Timeline to sync their app history across devices.
One more new feature is the Windows 10 Your Phone app, which will enable certain functions of iPhone iOS or Android to be done on a Win-10 desktop or portable. For now, the focus is on Android accessibility, with a linked Android smartphone or tablet being able to now sync its photos to Windows 10, or to send text via Your Phone on the desktop to its partnered Android device. An interesting future ability of Your Phone, showcased during Tuesday’s Microsoft event introducing their Surface laptop, boasts eventually being able to operate any app from one’s Android smartphone through mirroring.
With this big update out of the way, the next Windows 10 build is due to launch in March of next year. Not much was shared by Microsoft yet on what this update will bring.
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