Monday, October 8, 2018


The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues apace on all fronts. All its movies for 2018 have premiered, but it still has at least one more series coming up to stream on Netflix. Next on the schedule is the third season of the show that inaugurated the MCU on the digital streaming giant, “Daredevil” starring Charlie Cox. Picking up on Devil of Hell’s Kitchen following his disappearance and presumed death in 2017’s “The Defenders”, the new chapter of the Marvel-Netflix production sees Matt Murdock/Daredevil be brought to a new, dark low point, plus the anticipated arrival of a comic-book favorite Daredevil antagonist.
The Verge has it that Marvel super-villain and longtime Murdock archenemy Bullseye will soon grace the screen when “Daredevil” season 3 premieres on streaming at Netflix. A new trailer for the series was released last week, followed by a show panel just this Saturday, October 6, at the New York Comic Con. The cast and show-runners for “Daredevil” were quick to confirm that one of the new supporting characters seen in the trailer will become Bullseye, a gifted hitman who could throw any physical object as a deadly projectile will near-unerring accuracy. Fittingly, he is connected to another Daredevil foe.
Actor Wilson Bethel was quick to come clean that his character, FBI Agent Poindexter, will indeed become the assassin Bulleseye, as it carried the comic character’s real name, if not background. Bethel’s Agent Poindexter is introduced as part of an FBI detail overseeing New York criminal Kingpin Wilson Fisk – a returning Vincent D’Onofrio – who is released from prison under a deal to work as an underworld informant. Fisk however, has other plans, particularly corrupting the borderline unstable maverick Poindexter into serving as his tool of vengeance against Matt Murdock, who put him in jail way back in the first season.
In the meantime, Murdock finds himself at a crossroads in his life as a vigilante, after surviving the finale of “The Defenders” and awakening in the care of his long-absent mother Maggie (Joanne Whalley), who has become a nun. This internal conflict causes Murdock to become more proactively violent on criminals as Daredevil, setting the stage for a showdown between him and the unhinged Poindexter.
The Bullseye character is such a hit with Marvel Comics readers that he was made a principal antagonist in the old “Daredevil” film from 20th Century Fox in 2003, starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. There he was played by Colin Farrell, and he even got a post-credits scene for a sequel hook, which never materialized after “Daredevil” and spinoff “Elektra” tanked at the box office. The Netflix “Daredevil” meanwhile has a better reception, and Bullseye will be there when season 3 premieres October 19.
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