Wednesday, September 26, 2018

RACHELLE ANN GO Thanked by GRAMMY Nominee TORI KELLY for Assistance to Catch “HAMILTON” Performance

You know a theatrical production with historical basis is really good when it can be performed to packed audiences and celebrity viewers even in a country that serves as an antagonist in the story. That has been the success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical “Hamilton” in London’s West End, even with it being about a Founding Father of the United States who fought the British in the American Revolution. The run is also a source of Filipino pride considering one of the major characters is being performed by singer-thespian Rachelle Ann Go, and she is getting her own share of hobnobbing with some famous celebrities too.
As ABS-CBN News tells us, Rachelle Ann Go recently found herself the object of thanks by Grammy Award nominee Tori Kelly. The singer of “Nobody Love” and “Hollow” had gone to West End with her basketball player (German league) husband Andre Murillo, to catch a performance of “Hamilton” Tuesday, September 25. She later sent a thank-you video to Rachelle, who uploaded it on her Instagram page. Kelly and Murillo expressed their gratitude to the singer for helping them get in for the musical via “connections”, though Kelly did not elaborate. She also praised Rachelle’s singing.

“We saw ‘Hamilton,’ finally,” noted Kelly in the video. “We loved it and we were just freaking out the whole time… Congrats on everything and being out there in London and killing it. And yeah, you’re awesome.” She voiced her desire to talk more with Rachelle some time, while her husband Murillo chimed in, “Thank you. I cried so much.”
She was not the only one freaking out. Rachelle Ann Go was pretty excited herself if her caption for the uploaded Instagram video was any indication. “I am such a fan,” she gushed. “You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being a light!” Rachelle also mentioned looking forward to any future collaboration with Kelly.
Rachelle is currently playing Eliza Schuyler, eventual wife of Alexander Hamilton in the musical titled after his name, since the West End debut on December 6, 2017. Her performance of such a key character in the narrative has been hailed by major UK and US publications such as The Guardian and The New York Times. Throughout the run, Rachelle has had the privilege of meeting some of the luminaries of British TV and film, such as Benedict Cumberbatch (“Sherlock” and “Doctor Strange”), Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II of Netflix’s “The Crown”), and recently Prince Harry and MeghanDuchess of Sussex.
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