Wednesday, September 12, 2018

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN Fighting CANCER for THIRD Time within 30 Years

When it comes to the most casual information on English-Australian actress Olivia Newton-John, three bits of trivia stand out the most. First, she starred in the memorable 1978 movie adaptation of the rock musical “Grease”. Second, she is easily remembered for being paired in that film with American actor John Travolta; their hit duet “You’re the One that I Want” became a massively successful single. Third, she is also famous as a famous cancer warrior, having survived her first brush with the ailment in 1992, and a 2013 metastasis. This week she reveals that she is battling cancer once more.
Variety has it that Olivia Newton-John has spoken on Australian TV of how she has, for the third time in as many decades, been diagnosed with cancer. During an appearance on “Sunday Night” at Seven Network, the soon-to-turn 70-year-old singer-actress talked about her most recent brush with the disease, discovered as early as last year when her doctors found a new tumor that has metastasized at the base of her spine. Newton-John sees it as just continuing a journey she has been on alongside many other cancer patients in the world saying, “I’m one of millions in this fight…in this journey. I see it as part of my mission maybe.”
When the new cancerous tumor was diagnosed in 2017, it had forced Newton-John to call off a summer concert tour to begin a new series of treatment. Speaking on “Sunday Night” she noted that she has since undergone radiation therapy, stopped taking any sugar in food or drink, and taking natural remedies to alleviate some of her pains. In particular, Newton-John admits to using cannabis oil from marijuana that her husband John Easterling grows in their California residence. “I’m very lucky that I live in a state where it’s legal,” notes the “Grease” star about her marijuana usage, “and that I have a husband that is a plant medicine man.”
On that note, Olivia Newton-John has expressed her hopes that someday her native Australia will follow the partial example of the United States and legalize marijuana as well. Presently nine States, the District of Columbia and certain Indian Reservations now have legal status for cannabis.
Newton-John’s history with cancer began in 1992 with a breast tumor diagnosis. She had a partial mastectomy and reconstruction surgery and was rewarded with a remission. In 2013 the old concern rematerialized with a tumor metastasis on her shoulder, and then a third time on her lower back in 2017. A cancer treatment center in Melbourne is named after her.
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