Friday, September 14, 2018

NICK’S “BLUE’S CLUES” Revival Gets FIL-AM HOST, Approved by STEVE

In 1996, Nickelodeon introduced the world to one of its most renowned and beloved educational children’s TV show, about a guy who lives in a house with animated things and his pet dog Blue, who would signal to her human friend what she needs or wants to do by marking related items in the house with her paw. “Blue’s Clues” was a massive hit that earned nine Emmy nominations in its Nick run until 2006, under hosts Steve Burns and Donovan “Joe” Patton. After over a decade, Nickelodeon announced a “Blue’s Clues” revival, and this week its new host, a Filipino-American talent, was finally revealed.
ABS-CBN News has it that the new children’s education series from Nickelodeon, entitled “Blue’s Clues & You”, had found the perfect host some eight months after the announcement of its revival at the start of the year. The talent, chosen from a lengthy audition across North America, is Joshua De La Cruz, a Fil-Am theatre actor who has already performed on Broadway. And his selection is expected to be ironclad, seeing as part of Nick’s casting committee for finding a host for the revival of the famous show is the original host himself, Steve Burns.
Speaking of the audition for the “Blue’s Clues & You” host, Burns noted, “I know that they saw thousands and thousands of people. And when we saw Josh, I turned to everyone and said we can start filming tomorrow. He was phenomenal from day one.” The originator gave De La Cruz his personal thumbs up and added, “[He] can definitely fill my shoes, and the rugby shirt.” This perhaps is a far more realistic choice for host than the joke played by Nickeloden itself last March, when during an upfront event WWE Superstar John Cena announced his own hosting audition.
The “Blues Clues & You” press release goes:
In “Blue’s Clues & You,” beloved puppy Blue invites viewers to join her and the live action host on a clue led adventure and solve a daily puzzle. With each signature paw print, Blue identifies clues in her animated world that propel the story and inspires viewers to interact with the action.
Joshua De La Cruz can establish his acting, singing and dancing chops well, as part of the Broadway production of Disney’s “Aladdin”. He is also a solid first-generation fan of the old “Blue’s Clues”. “I remember ‘Blue’s Clues’ encapsulated everything that I love,” he said “Curiosity, the adventure of going to new places, skiddooing into a picture, exercising your imagination, being able to sing and dance and be silly, and then to draw on top of that, it was magic.”

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