Thursday, September 20, 2018


When the name of Josh Groban is mentioned, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that he is a magnificent singer; well, either that or one of his inspirational songs like “To Where You Are” or his cover of “You Raise Me Up”. He has stretched his acting muscles too, but mostly his appearances are as himself or one-episode minor roles (in TV at least; his film outings at least have more meat). Now he is partnering with veteran actor Tony Danza on upcoming new Netflix series “The Good Cop”, and you will agree with me that this awesome voice can really act.
The streaming media giant has had their trailer for “The Good Cop” since July, and it will come on the platform Friday. Its story is perhaps one of the most uncommon variations to the tried and true “good cop-bad cop” and “buddy cop” formulas, considering its lead stars play father and son, and partners of sorts in the force. Tony Danza stars as Tony Caruso Sr., an archetypal “dirty cop” in the NYPD who was busted and spent “seven years in state” for corruption.
His downfall cements his image as a non-example to his son Tony Jr. (Groban), who is so determined to never follow in his dad’s crookedness that he has become a by-the-book spoilsport who, while a good police detective, is a social fuddy-duddy. When Tony Senior is released and given a civilian consulting job with his old department, he sees it as a chance to set his reputation straight, especially when he is partnered with a chagrined Junior in crime investigations. Of course, trying to reform does not automatically mean dropping all his cowboy qualities, and his poor son is going to have to bear with dad’s “help” in catching crooks and improving his social life.
Seriously, Josh Groban is an ace in “The Good Cop” especially playing as a straight-laced serious police officer who becomes a great font of story humor for those same qualities. I really feel Tony Junior’s personal discomfort at working with his “broken-pedestal” father who is a hit with his son’s workmates and who, underneath his unethical public face is actually skilled in their line of work. Most importantly, his character immersion is so great that he does not seem like his singer self at all.  Danza for his part is utterly charming in his trademark smarty-pants Italian-American archetype that he has got down pat, and thus makes an excellent foil for Groban in scenes together.
Netflix’s “The Good Cop” also stars Monica Barbaro, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Frank Whaley. Episodes will start streaming on September 21.
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