Monday, September 10, 2018

JAKE CUENCA Slammed on TWITTER for Implied Comparison between “GOYO” and “THE HOWS OF US”

It has been opined that sometimes it is difficult to get the context of a message when it is written down. Sometimes its content is mistaken in tone, or intent; and that leads to great misunderstanding. This situation was illustrated recently following a Twitter blitz by actor Jake Cuenca in support for the newly-premiered Filipino historical drama “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral”. He gave some glowing remarks for the film by Jerrold Tarog. However a comparison in movie genres that he dropped led to assumptions by netizens that he is teasing another recent release, earning Cuenca bashes before he explained himself. reports that Jake Cuenca found himself rethinking his tweet in support of “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” over the weekend after the context got misconstrued into a jab at one other Filipino movie. In support of his friend Paolo Avelino, who plays Gregorio Del Pilar in “Goyo”, Cuenca wrote on a tweet, now since deleted to encourage audiences to watch the film. His message read: “#goyo is a treasure! As Filipinos, its [sic] our obligations to watch the film! It’s our heritage our history more than rom coms we need to watch this film to learn. It’s our local Lincoln!”
Cuenca’s mention of romantic comedy or “rom-com” films in an unfavorable comparison to historical movies like “Goyo” did not escape notice from Filipinos online. Some of them were not pleased that the actor is generally putting down the Pinoy motion picture industry’s stock-in trade of rom-coms, a genre that Cuenca himself has starred in before. Others however felt the tweet had a more specific target, namely the recently-released “The Hows of Us” from Star Cinema with the powerful love team of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. The movie was still showing in cinemas when “Goyo premiered”; to some the coincidence was no coincidence at all.
Thus, despite nothing at all about “The Hows of Us” being mentioned by Jake Cuenca, some netizens exploded at his tweet for perceived insensitivity. Some dissenting counter-tweets asserted that they could simply watch both films, while others lambasted the slight on the Kathniel starrer. The latter interpretation also seems to be on the mind of Star Cinema executive Roxy Liquigan, who stated in her tweet that Cuenca’s message only made her laugh. The actor had since deleted the unpopular tweet.
In its place, the actor put up an apology, plus a renewed insistence that he never implied “The Hows of Us” in comparison to “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral”. “It was wrong of me to compare genres but I wasn’t comparing both films because both films are great,” Cuenca wrote. “Just happy to have variety in the cinema and we should support them all. My bad.”
Star Cinema’s “The Hows of Us” scored a powerful opening weekend of P35 million at the box office, and as of this Sunday has now earned half a billion pesos. “Goyo”, which premiered September 5, looks to be a strong contender itself, thanks to fond memories from moviegoers of Tayog’s earlier film “Heneral Luna”, which “Goyo” is a direct sequel of. A third film starring Benjamin Alves as Manuel Quezon is also proposed for development.
Cuenca is currently cast on “The Blood Sisters” at ABS-CBN.
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