Wednesday, September 26, 2018

GUJI Tributes Late Mom and Promotes CANCER AWARENESS with Latest Single “BE ALRIGHT” Music Video


One of the most painful things about the dreaded disease cancer is the cruel separations that it has enforced on many, both the poor patients suffering from it and the families and friends grieving for their impending loss. That is a feeling that has become intimately familiar for singer-songwriter Guji Lorenzana, whose career as you know I have been following intently for several years past now. He had just lost his mother to cancer this June, following a struggle against it that lasted two years. It was in her honor and memory that Guji dedicated his latest song, “Be Alright”.
Guji Lorenzana presented a special launch screening of the official music video for his latest single “Be Alright” on the evening of Tuesday, September 25, at the Upperhouse in Taguig. This occasion is special for the fact that the screening is being geared by Guji to be his own contribution towards the raising of awareness for the tribulations of cancer. He noted the production assistance of several cancer charities such as World Child Cancer and Be the Match. It was altogether fitting, as “Be Alright” was conceived by Guji to address his mother’s grave condition.
When Guji’s mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and then weakened considerably by her radiation and chemotherapy treatment, he was inspired to write “Be Alright” as a way to encourage his mother through those hard times. When she was pronounced cancer-free just this January, Guji had the song ready. “During this time, I had recorded my song, and I was getting ready to release it for her as a surprise,” he recalled. “We were hopeful, because at least she was a survivor, and she was a live. Like my song promised her, she was going to be alright.”
Unfortunately the cancer returned by March and this time there was no helping it. Guji’s family placed their matriarch in hospice care, and the lyrics of “Be Alright” changed in message from hopeful encouragement to poignant assurance as she faced death. Warner Music Philippines released the song on streaming in time for Mother’s Day, and a lyric video is available on YouTube. Guji still remembers his mother’s tears of joy when she heard “Be Alright” played for her shortly before passing away on June 15.
It was with the help of cancer foundations from the Philippines, the UK and UK that Guji Lorenzana completed his music video for “Be Alright” through the Sindikato production house, and that has helped him heal from his mother’s death. In accordance with his mother’s last wish, the end of the music video also features some child cancer survivors with their own messages to share. Here is the official music video of “Be Alright”.


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