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In the year 2002, Warner Bros. Television Distribution premiered on ABC a most unusual reality program, themed around dating and relationships. This was “The Bachelor”, a show where a single bachelor (or bachelorette in the eventual distaff counterpart spinoff) would try to find the right partner from a pool of opposite-gender contestants who are eliminated weekly in various romantic challenges until one is chosen to either pursue a relationship with or propose marriage to. From this basic premise came a barrage of various spinoffs and even 25 international editions. The “Bachelor Vietnam” show, recently premiered in August, just went viral.
As People tells it, “The Bachelor Vietnam – Anh Chàng Độc Thân” suddenly found itself a magnet of attention following its most recent Rose Ceremony, the portion where female contestants either advance another week or go home depending on whether or not the Bachelor gave them a rose. That week, Vietnamese Bachelor Nguyen Quoc Trung was in the middle of giving away roses to his contestants of choice when he declined one for hopeful girlfriend Minh Thu. But what happened next went way off what was expected, even with the propensity of game twists popularized by the original American show.
Realizing that she will have no rose, Thu declared that she had joined “The Bachelor Vietnam” to find love for herself; she did, but surprisingly it was not Bachelor Trung himself. Thu then approached a rose recipient, Truc Nhu, and shocked everybody by hugging her – she hugged back – and then pleading with her to drop out of the show together. “Come home with me,” Thu begged Nhu. “Come home with me. Yeah?” Nhu then went to Trung and apologized, saying she wanted to know him more because he made her feel special, but that she was thinking of leaving too.
Trung then said his piece of wanting her to stay, saying he will not change his mind for giving Nhu a rose but asking if she might regret it later if she bowed out of “The Bachelor” and left with Thu. Nevertheless, Nhu returned her rose to Trung and said she is hopeful that he will find someone else who will really love him, before leaving for backstage with Thu.
If that scene, uploaded on YouTube by “The Bachelor Vietnam” was pretty intense, it was somewhat deflated by further details provided by Asian news site NextShark, implying that Truc Nhu was later convinced offscreen by Nguyen Quoc Trung to return to competition. Nhu allegedly claimed, “After talking to Trung, I’ve changed my mind to accept this rose and continue this journey.”
What will happen now between her and Minh Thu has become a new mystery, though it now echoes similar to short-lived contestant pair Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon from “Bachelor Australia” in 2016.
The Bachelor Vietnam” airs weekly on Vietnamese TV network HTV7.
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