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Perhaps ever since 2013, whenever the name of actress Kristen Bell is mentioned she is immediately linked to her character of Princess Anna, sister to Queen Elsa of Arendelle in the Disney animated film “Frozen”. It is a testament to the Disney production, promotional and merchandising machine that star and role have become almost one and the same in the public mind. But before voicing Anna, Bell had already made a splash on television as teen detective Veronica Mars, from the UPM/The CW mystery series of the same name. The show ended on 2007 after three seasons, but there is now talk of a revival.
Entertainment Weekly tells us that indeed, a new season of “Veronica Mars” continuing from where the series ended is apparently being discussed by Warner Bros. Television and streaming service Hulu, which is being touted as the new home for the show. Signs point to a revival being a sure thing, particularly because the producers mean to bring back series creator Rob Thomas and main star Kristen Bell herself, who may well be excited at being able to again reprise the character of Veronica Mars regularly after a recent stint in a 2014 feature-length film.
Of course, such an undertaking is not without some stumbling blocks. In particular with Kristen Bell, aside from her voice acting for Anna in Disney films (“Ralph Breaks the Internet” this year and “Frozen 2” next year), she is also a main cast-member of NBC fantasy comedy series “The Good Place”. This is in fact one of the main issues being digested by the Warner Bros. and Hulu discussions, aimed at getting an arrangement allowing Bell to appear in both shows.
The original “Veronica Mars” series premiered on what was then UPN in 2004, set in California and chronicling the adventures of the titular high-schoolgirl Veronica, who under the tutelage of her County Sheriff-turned private investigator father Keith Mars, has learned a great deal about police procedures and investigation, enabling her to moonlight as a private eye herself. While taking various cases from her school and community, Veronica pursues some myth-arc level mysteries as well, such as the truth behind her best friend’s murder and the whereabouts of her missing mother.
“Veronica Mars” ran two seasons under the UPN label, and one more under The CW before being cancelled. The 2014 film was produced thanks to a Kickstarter campaign launched by Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas, getting $5.7 million for a $2 million goal. As of yet there are no further information about the show’s revival on Hulu – who else is returning from the original cast and when it will premiere.
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